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How to spell TRESILING correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "tresiling", it is likely a mistake. The correct suggestions for this are "trespassing" or "trifling". "Trespassing" refers to unlawfully entering someone's property, while "trifling" means something of little importance. These words are correctly spelled alternatives to the confusion of "tresiling."

List of suggestions on how to spell tresiling correctly

  • presiding The judge will be presiding over the trial proceedings.
  • refiling I will be refiling the documents to ensure they are in the correct order.
  • residing After residing in the city for years, the couple decided to move to the countryside and lead a simpler life.
  • resizing I am currently working on resizing all of the images for the website redesign project.
  • resoling I need to take my boots to get resoled before my next hiking trip.
  • reviling The protesters were reviling the politicians for their inaction on climate change.
  • trailing The dog was trailing behind his owner during their walk in the park.
  • treadling I improved my basketry skills by treadling the yarn with my feet while weaving the pattern.
  • trebling The company's profits were trebling each year thanks to their innovative marketing strategy.
  • trembling She stood in front of the crowd, her hands trembling with nervousness.
  • wrestling My little brother loves watching wrestling on TV.

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