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How to spell TRIBED correctly?

The correct spelling of the word "tribed" is actually "tribe", which refers to a group of people typically sharing common ancestry, culture or language. Some possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling include using a spell-check or dictionary, asking someone else for assistance or simply practicing and improving one's spelling skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell tribed correctly

  • Bribed He bribed the police officer with a hundred-dollar bill.
  • Cribbed I cribbed some notes from my friend's lecture to help me study for the test.
  • dried I hung my wet clothes on the line, hoping they would be dried by the afternoon.
  • Probed
  • Ribbed The ribbed fabric gives the shirt a luxurious feel.
  • robed The high priestess was robed in a shimmering gown for the ceremony.
  • tabbed I found a great new band on YouTube and they're called ' Tabbed.
  • tibet The Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader from Tibet.
  • tired I am tired after staying up late to finish my report.
  • Tombed The ancient king was tombed in a lavish tomb filled with treasures.
  • traced The detective traced the phone call back to the suspect's location.
  • traded He traded his outdated phone for a brand new one.
  • Trailed She trailed her finger along the edge of the table, lost in thought.
  • trained She trained for months to prepare for the marathon.
  • Trebled The company's profits trebled in just one year due to successful marketing strategies.
  • treed
  • triad The triad of siblings inherited their parents' estate.
  • trialed The new product will be trialed for a month before it is released to the public.
  • tribal The community's cultural traditions are deeply tied to their tribal heritage.
  • tribe The indigenous tribe gathered together for their annual ceremony.
  • Tribes The Native American tribes lived in harmony with nature.
  • Tricked I was tricked into taking a picture of my car with a phone that was secretly recording.
  • tried
  • trilled The canary trilled a beautiful melody that lifted my mood.
  • trimmed She went to the salon to have her hair trimmed.
  • tripod I need to bring my tripod to take steady photos in low light conditions.
  • Tripped She tripped over her own feet and fell.
  • trite She slapped him across the face for making such a simple mistake; it was all so trite.
  • triter
  • trivet The hot pot was placed on the trivet to protect the table from damage.
  • trowed She trowed her hair over her shoulder.
  • trued
  • tubed

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