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How to spell TRINING correctly?

The misspelling "trining" could possibly be corrected to "training". Another option could be "trying" depending on the context in which the misspelling is used. It is important to proofread and use spell check to catch and correct any misspellings before publishing or submitting written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell trining correctly

  • Braining
  • bringing She is bringing her own food to the party.
  • cringing The comedian's joke was so offensive that the audience was cringing in their seats.
  • dining I love dining out with my friends and trying new restaurants.
  • draining The constant rain was draining our energy and affecting our mood.
  • drinking Drinking too much alcohol can lead to negative consequences such as impaired judgment and health problems.
  • droning The teacher's droning lecture put half the class to sleep.
  • Fringing The fringing of the leaves around the stem gives the plant its characteristic look.
  • grinning He was grinning from ear to ear after winning the race.
  • raining It was still raining when I left for work this morning.
  • Reining She was reining her horse in when she saw the horse and carriage coming down the street.
  • ringing The sound of the phone ringing disturbed my peaceful reading.
  • ruining
  • straining
  • Stringing She was stringing all the beads together to make a beautiful necklace.
  • tanning I love tanning at the beach during summer.
  • tinging
  • tinning The old man was busy tinning the new bearings.
  • tiring I find exercising for long periods of time quite tiring.
  • Toning I've been consistently going to the gym and toning my muscles.
  • trailing If Jane is trailing behind, she'll need to turn around.
  • training I am going to be training for my marathon.
  • Treeing I was surprised to see a treeing deer in my back yard.
  • Trending Recent trending topics include the new Star Wars movie and the Oscars.
  • trialing I have been trialing this new software for a week now and I am impressed with the results.
  • Tricking She was tricking me by acting like she didn't know the answer to the question, but I knew she did.
  • trilling The bird was trilling a beautiful melody as I walked through the forest.
  • trimming I need to work on trimming my waistline by exercising and eating healthier.
  • tripping I was tripping over my shoelaces all day.
  • truing He spent hours truing the wheels of his bicycle before the race.
  • trying I'm trying my best to complete this task on time.
  • tuning I need to do some tuning on my guitar before the performance tonight.
  • turning Turning left at the intersection, she noticed the beautiful sunset.
  • Twinging The athlete felt a twinging pain in her knee during the marathon, but she pushed through and finished the race.
  • Twining The twining vines grew rapidly up the trellis.
  • twinning After seeing twinning for the first time, she was fascinated by the process.
  • Wringing She was wringing her hands nervously as she waited for the news.

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