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How to spell TRITED correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "trited", fear not! The correct spelling you may be looking for is actually "tried". This simple error can be easily overlooked, but knowing the correct spelling helps to ensure clear communication. Remember, it's always worthwhile to double-check your spelling to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell trited correctly

  • Bruited It is widely bruited that the company is going bankrupt.
  • dried The fruit had been sitting out in the sun for so long that it had completely dried up.
  • Drifted The leaves drifted down from the tree in the gentle breeze.
  • fruited This year's harvest was especially fruited, with more apples and pears than ever before.
  • Gritted As the storm worsened, I gritted my teeth and held on tightly to the handlebars of my bike.
  • merited The recognition that she received was well-merited for her hard work and dedication.
  • Rated
  • Rioted The students rioted after the announcement.
  • Striated The lizard has a Striated pattern on its skin.
  • tainted The company's reputation was tainted after news of their unethical practices came to light.
  • tatted
  • Tided
  • tilted The picture frame was tilted to the left, making it look crooked on the wall.
  • tinted I bought tinted windows for my car to reduce the glare from the sun.
  • tired
  • Tooted The car horn tooted loudly to clear the busy intersection.
  • Toted She toted her backpack filled with books and snacks for the long hike ahead.
  • Totted After counting the money, the cashier totted up the total and gave the customer the final amount due.
  • Touted Tom is touted as the next big thing in rock music.
  • traded He traded his old car for a newer model, and was thrilled with the upgrade.
  • Trailed As I walked through the forest, my fingers trailed along the rough bark of the trees.
  • trained The astronauts were highly trained individuals who had undergone extensive preparation for the mission.
  • treated After being diagnosed with cancer, he was immediately treated with chemotherapy.
  • treed
  • triad The musical chord known as a triad consists of three notes played together.
  • trialed The new software will be trialed by the company's IT department before it is released to the public.
  • Tricked A prank gone wrong resulted in her being tricked.
  • tried
  • trilled The bird trilled a tune.
  • trimmed Her hair was trimmed short.
  • Tripped I tripped over the rug lying on the floor.
  • trite I hope you don't find my story too trite.
  • tritely I found his suggestion to be tritely easy to dismiss.
  • triter
  • tritest I cannot believe that you would tritest me!
  • Trotted I trotted over to say hello.
  • trued
  • trusted I have some trusted friends that I can rely on for support.
  • trysted I'm going to trysted the doorbell.
  • Twitted She twitted her friend's silly comment on social media.

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