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How to spell TRIVED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "trived" instead of the correct word, "thrived", don't worry! Here are a few suggestions to avoid confusion in the future. Remember to double-check your spelling, use autocorrect or consult a dictionary. With a little extra attention, you'll ensure your writing thrives with accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell trived correctly

  • derived The word "etymology" is derived from the Greek word "etymos," which means "true sense.
  • Dived
  • dried I hung the clothes on the line and they dried in the sun.
  • drive
  • Raved The food was so delicious that the entire table raved about it all night.
  • rived She rived her way through the dense forest using a machete.
  • rivet The mechanic used a rivet to fix the metal plate.
  • Roved
  • thrived The small business thrived under the new management.
  • tired I feel tired after staying up late to finish my work.
  • treed
  • triad There is a triad of main characters in the novel.
  • tried I tried to lift the heavy box, but it was too heavy.
  • Trifled She trifled with his heart and played with his emotions.
  • trite The movie's plot was so trite that I could predict the ending in the first five minutes.
  • trivet I placed the hot pan on the trivet to protect the dining table from damages.
  • trivets We placed the hot pots on the trivets to prevent the table from getting damaged.
  • trove After years of digging, the archaeologists finally discovered a trove of ancient artifacts buried beneath the temple ruins.
  • trued

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