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How to spell TRIVES correctly?

If you're looking to correct the misspelling "trives", there are a few possible suggestions. One could be "thrives", meaning to flourish or prosper. Another option is "strives", which refers to making efforts or working hard. Both alternatives make grammatically correct substitutes for the misspelled word.

List of suggestions on how to spell trives correctly

  • derives The benefit of studying history derives from understanding the past.
  • Dives Dives is a hamlet located in the commune of Cabourg in the Calvados department in the Normandy region of north-western France.
  • dries The laundry dries much faster outside in the sun than indoors.
  • drive I need to buy a new hard drive for my computer.
  • drivels I don't enjoy talking to him because all he does is drivels on about his personal life.
  • Drives She always drives carefully so as not to cause an accident.
  • droves After the lockdown in March, people began rushing to grocery stores in droves to stock up on essential items.
  • RAVES I love attending music raves on the weekends with my friends.
  • Rivers I love going on walks by the rivers.
  • Rives
  • roves Judy gazed out the window as the sun set, admiring the view of the roves in the distance.
  • strives As an athlete, he constantly strives to improve his performance.
  • thrives The plant thrives in direct sunlight and requires minimum water.
  • tires
  • Tories
  • Travels I'm excited to see where my travels will take me next.
  • Travis Travis has been training hard to compete in the marathon.
  • Trees The trees in the park are turning golden colors in the autumn.
  • Tribes Some tribes have a strong connection to their land.
  • trice
  • tries He tries his best to be honest with everyone he meets.
  • trifles She was not interested in trifles such as gossip and small talk.
  • trios Trios are the perfect party game for when you have plenty of friends and want to get everyone involved.
  • trivet I used a trivet to prevent the hot pot from damaging the table.
  • trivets I bought some new trivets to protect my dining table from hot dishes.
  • trove The archeologist uncovered a trove of ancient artifacts at the excavation site.
  • troves Explorers often search the ruins of old civilizations in hopes of discovering hidden troves of artifacts and treasure.
  • trues

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