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How to spell TRODDING correctly?

If you are looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "trodding", consider using the word "treading" instead. This term refers to walking or stepping on something. Another possible correct suggestion could be "prodding", which means to poke or urge something forward.

List of suggestions on how to spell trodding correctly

  • brooding She had a brooding look on her face, which made it clear that she was deep in thought.
  • crowding The school hallway was very crowded, with students crowding around the lockers and chatting with each other.
  • eroding The water's constant flow was slowly eroding the rocks at the edge of the river.
  • prodding She kept prodding me until I finally agreed to go to the party with her.
  • Ridding
  • trading He made a fortune by trading stocks and bonds.
  • Treading She was cautiously treading through the dark forest, trying to avoid any twigs or branches that could snap and give away her position.
  • Trending The latest fashion is trending towards bright colors and bold patterns.
  • trodden The path was so often trodden that the ground had been worn smooth.
  • Trolling The act of trolling on social media platforms has become a widespread issue causing emotional distress to many.
  • Trooping The Trooping of the Colour is a traditional military parade held in London every year to celebrate the Queen's official birthday.
  • Trotting The horse was trotting at a comfortable pace along the dirt path.
  • trouping The trouping actors rehearsed for hours in order to perfect their performance.
  • trowing
  • Trudging After trudging through the mud for hours, the group was relieved to reach the safety of the castle.

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