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How to spell TROTOD correctly?

The misspelling "Trotod" was likely meant to be "Tornado". Other possible correct suggestions could include "Trotter", "Trotting" or "Trotted", depending on the context in which the misspelling was used.

List of suggestions on how to spell Trotod correctly

  • Brood The hen was quietly brooding her eggs on the nest.
  • Proton Protons carry a positive charge and are found within the nucleus of an atom.
  • Rood The beam of the rood pierced the sky.
  • Rotor The helicopter's rotor blades whirred as it lifted off the ground.
  • Tooted The car tooted its horn loudly to get the attention of the pedestrians.
  • Toted He toted the heavy box to the top of the stairs with ease.
  • Toto Toto was the loyal dog companion of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
  • Tripod He set up his telescope on a tripod in order to view the stars clearly.
  • Triton Triton is also the name of a moon orbiting the planet Neptune.
  • Trod She trod carefully through the muddy field, trying to avoid getting her shoes dirty.
  • Troop The troop of scouts set up their tents on the wooded hillside.
  • Trot The horse began to trot leisurely around the arena.
  • Troth I pledge my troth to you, my love, and vow to be faithful always.
  • Trots I had a great time watching the trots at the county fair.
  • Trotted The puppy trotted happily beside its owner.
  • Trowed

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