How to spell TROTT correctly?

We think the word trott is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell trott correctly

  • root The whole of the terrace on this latter side is overgrown with trees, some of which have taken root among the fragments, and are growing out of the interior of the chambers.
  • rot Of course, I don't believe all the rot he talks; but, at any rate, he's sensible enough to have given it all up.
  • rota On the right was Cadiz, with its lofty lighthouse, and its strong sea-walls rising out of the water; on the left was Rota, an apparently neat little town.
  • rote It was evident that the noble passages which are graven on the hearts of the genuine lovers of poetry had altogether escaped the serious gentleman's attention; and it was equally evident that he knew by rote all those that they wish the mighty master had never written.
  • rout Behind them twinkled many camp-fires on a distant plain, before them wound a road ploughed by the passage of an army, strewn with the relics of a rout.
  • toot Soon nex' day mornin' sma't bud tek 'e ho'n en toot um.
  • tort The law which deals with the various relations subsisting between them is made up largely of the law of agency, of contract and of tort.
  • torte Torte: Two tablespoonfuls butter; two tablespoonfuls sugar; one yolk egg. Work little by little into above mixture one cup of flour; put in pie tin and fill with cherries.
  • tot "Why, Mae, you poor little tot, you're sentimental-for you.
  • tote A half-mile down the tote road Tommy Eye dashed at him from the covert of the spruces.
  • tout When he saw Claude, he simply said, "Oh, c'est ce jeune homme qui souffre de la lune; c'est tout comme Rollo."
  • trait I was pleased with this trait of the Ghateen, who were determined we should not go off in this uncomfortable plight.
  • treat Methinks that is the way to treat a woman!
  • trite I had been on Dartmoor, too; but of that noble moorland range so much has been said and sung of late, that I really am afraid it is becoming somewhat cockney and trite.
  • trot Now trot out the whiskey bottle and pour it down him."
  • troth And hereby I plight thee my troth.
  • trotter "When Trotter comes back," muttered Dan, "if he asks me whether I can talk French, I'll tell him that I've tried, and now I know I can't."
  • trout And the river spoke in a guilty whisper, which yet the quarrel of the wind and the trees could not drown, of deep places farther down, where the people were never found, people who-But there were shallows, too, he remembered, shallow places among the stones where the trout were.
  • troy If it be romance, if it be contrast, if it be heroism that we require, what was Troy to this?
  • tryout Applegren showed up at Peru, Illinois for a tryout and was offered a contract to play.
  • Trod I think, right now, that Salgath Trod is one of them.
  • Trotted Mr. Harnden did not look to right or left as his horse trotted past.
  • Trow Little of that she found, I trow, poor wench.
  • TOTO With a foresight scarcely to be expected he had arranged everything for our accommodation at the Windsor Hotel, dog included, and an application had been sent to the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries to take Toto into England.
  • tarots Merlin, Chatto, Singer, and Breitkopf look farther afield than de Gebelin's predecessors, whose writings are now forgotten, but all of them, while acknowledging that the images or the pips of the Tarots with which they are familiar have some connection with an old condition of affairs, fail to trace it, since no reliable historical or legal record of cards that are called "Playing Cards" can be discovered prior to the Middle Ages, so they assumed that cards could not have existed before that date, but the possibility that they might have lived and flourished under another name is overlooked.

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