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How to spell TROUPS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "troups" instead of "troops", fear not! A simple correction can fix it. Keep an eye on the correct spelling and you'll avoid any confusion. Remember, "troops" refers to a unit of soldiers, while "troups" is not a recognized word in English.

List of suggestions on how to spell troups correctly

  • droops She had her head hanging low after the droops she had taken.
  • drops
  • groups The teacher divided the students into groups for their science project.
  • strops John hurt his ankle so he was unable to walk on the strops.
  • tops The team performed tops in the recent competition.
  • Traps The hiker carefully navigated through the traps set by the forest rangers to protect endangered species.
  • trips I really need to take more trips to Europe.
  • tromps He tromps through the forest, unconcerned about the wildlife that could get hurt.
  • troop We must be alert for the troop of baboons in the bushes.
  • troops A battalion of troops is storming the enemy's stronghold.
  • trope
  • tropes As a writer, it's important to be aware of common tropes in your genre so you can subvert them and create something fresh and unexpected.
  • troughs The farmers filled the animal troughs with fresh water.
  • troupe The dance troupe performed an incredible routine.
  • trouper A trouper is someone who can put on a good show.
  • troupes The military troupes marched in formation along the parade route.
  • trows
  • trues
  • trumps His royal flush trumps all of our hands.
  • truss I need to install a new truss before the freeze sets in.

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