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How to spell TROUTS correctly?

A possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "trouts" could be "trout", as it is a singular noun and the correct spelling for the type of freshwater fish. Another suggestion could be "trout's", if the intended meaning was possessive, indicating something belonging to a specific trout.

List of suggestions on how to spell trouts correctly

  • roots The roots of the tree were firmly planted in the ground.
  • rots The apple in her lunchbox rots in the warm sun.
  • routes I have a few routes I plan to take this weekend.
  • routs During the playoffs, the dominant team often routs their opponents in order to move on to the next round.
  • ruts The road was rough and filled with ruts.
  • struts The model confidently struts her stuff down the runway.
  • tarots
  • toots
  • Torts Torts are legal wrongs committed against a person or their property.
  • TOTS I ordered a basket of crispy tots with my burger at the restaurant.
  • touts Be wary of the touts who hang around the tourist hotspots.
  • traits I am not a good catch because I have bad traits.
  • treats I really enjoy treats, especially when they're from my husband.
  • trot The horse began to trot as the rider guided it through the park.
  • troughs There are troughs in the road.
  • trout
  • trows
  • trues
  • truss The metalframework is a truss.
  • trusts My grandfather trusts me to take care of his garden while he's on vacation.
  • Truths I always remember the truths that I learn.
  • tryouts She practiced every day to ensure she would make the team during tryouts.
  • TUTS

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