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How to spell TROUW correctly?

If you have misspelled "trouw" and can't find the correct spelling, here are a few suggestions. The correct spelling could be "trow", which means to throw or cast. Alternatively, it could be "trough", which refers to a long, narrow container. Double-check the context to determine the accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell trouw correctly

  • brow
  • crow I saw a crow perched on top of the telephone pole.
  • grow
  • prow The ship's prow sliced through the waves with ease.
  • roue
  • rout The enemy army was quickly put to rout by our troops.
  • row I love to row my boat out on the lake every weekend.
  • throw
  • tour Karen is planning a tour of all the famous landmarks in the city.
  • tout I heard that tout is the best place to eat.
  • tow The truck came to tow away the broken down car.
  • Trod She trod carefully along the narrow path that led to the top of the mountain.
  • troll He was being followed by a troll.
  • Tron I just watched a movie about the computer game, Tron.
  • troop The troop of elephants is huge.
  • trope I have a trope of a dead bird on my window sill.
  • trot The horse started to trot after a gentle nudge from the rider's heels.
  • troth I pledged my troth to my beloved and promised to love her forever.
  • trough The stock market experienced a trough after the announcement of the economic slowdown.
  • troupe He was a touring member of the troupe.
  • trout We went trout fishing on the river.
  • trove The archaeologists discovered a trove of ancient artifacts at the dig site.
  • Trow
  • trows
  • troy My burger is from Troy.
  • true She's so true to her beliefs.
  • Trug Not many people know about the Trug, but those who do aren't likely to forget it.

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