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Possible correct spellings for tt

  • at Oh, try to make her look at me!"
  • ct Match me, ye climes! which poets love to laud; Match me, ye harems of the land! where now I strike my strain, far distant, to applaud Beauties that ev'n a cynic must avow;[ct] Match me those Houries, whom ye scarce allow To taste the gale lest Love should ride the wind, With Spain's dark-glancing daughters-deign to know, There your wise Prophet's Paradise we find, His black-eyed maids of Heaven, angelically kind.
  • mt 3. There was grief in the last hours of the century, when it became known that General Washington had died in his retirement at Mt.
  • nt †Anser eldaricus Burchak-Abramovich & Gadzyev 1978 †Anser pratensis (Short 1970) †Anser tchikoicus Kuročkin 1985 †Anser thompsoni Martin & Mengel 1980 †Anser thraceiensis Burchak-Abramovich & Nikolov 1984 †Anser udabnensis Burchak-Abramovich 1957 Subgenus (Eulabeia) Reichenbach 1852 Anser indicus (Latham 1790) (bar-headed goose) LC Subgenus (Chen) Boie 1822 †Anser pressa (Wetmore 1933) Brodkorb 1964 (Dwarf Snow goose) Anser canagicus (Sevastianov 1802) (emperor goose) NT Anser rossii Cassin 1861 (Rosss goose) LC Anser caerulescens (Linnaeus 1758) (snow goose) LC A.
  • pt Depositions in Gentleman's Magazine, 1857, pt.
  • ta Ta Lord will gif ta honest man fenchence upon his enemies.
  • tat Hansei sent word to the host that he had better return the two hundred florins that he still owed him. He did not like to send such a message by the servant, but he felt that he ought to give him tit for tat.
  • tc Above the Curie temperature, the magnetic spins are randomly aligned in a paramagnet unless a magnetic field is applied In physics and materials science, the Curie temperature (TC), or Curie point, is the temperature above which certain materials lose their permanent magnetic properties, to be replaced by induced magnetism.
  • te The Basilica was thronged with worshippers and rang with their Amens, resounding like thunder, and their echoing song-the Te Deum-then their newest hymn of praise.
  • tet A Bluetick Coonhound named Tet was the companion of Stringfellow Hawke, the main character of the popular 1980s television show Airwolf.
  • ti The Latin drops the final i, and instead of ti has t.
  • tl Agrotis exclamationis Linnaeus, 1758 – Heart-and-dart Moth Agrotis experta (Walker, 1869) †Agrotis fasciata Hübner, 1824 – Midway Noctuid Moth Agrotis fatidica Hübner, 1824 Agrotis fortunata Draudt, 1938 Agrotis frosya Pekarsky, 2014 TL: Bering Island Agrotis giffardi (Swezey, 1932) Agrotis gladiaria Morrison, 1875 – Swordsman Dart Moth, Clay-backed Cutworm Moth Agrotis graslini Rambur, 1848 Agrotis gravis Grote, 1874 Agrotis gypaetina Guenée, 1852 Agrotis haesitans Walker, 1857 Agrotis haifae Staudinger, 1897 Agrotis hephaestaea (Meyrick, 1899) Agrotis herzogi Rebel, 1911 Agrotis hispidula Guenée, 1852 Agrotis incognita Staudinger, 1888 Agrotis inconsequens Rothschild, 1920 Agrotis infusa Boisduval, 1832 – Bogong Agrotis innominata Hudson, 1898 Agrotis interjectionis Guénée, 1852 Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel, 1766 – Ipsilon Dart Moth, Dark Sword-grass Moth Agrotis iremeli Nupponen, Ahola & Kullberg, 2001 †Agrotis kerri Swezey, 1920 – Kerrs Noctuid Moth Agrotis kinabaluensis Holloway, 1976 Agrotis kingi McDunnough, 1932 Agrotis lanzarotensis Rebel, 1894 (syn: Agrotis selvagensis Pinker & Bacallado, 1978) Agrotis lasserrei (Oberthür, 1881) Agrotis lata Treitschke, 1835 †Agrotis laysanensis Rothschild, 1894 – Laysan Noctuid Moth Agrotis longicornis Lafontaine & Troubridge, 2004 Agrotis longidentifera (Hampson, 1903) Agrotis luehri Mentzer & Moberg, 1987 Agrotis magnipunctata Prout, 1922 Agrotis malefida Guénée, 1852 – Rascal Dart Moth, Pale-sided Cutworm Moth Agrotis manifesta Morrison, 1875 Agrotis margelanoides (Boursin, 1944) †Agrotis melanoneura Meyrick, 1899 – Black-Veined Agrotis Noctuid Moth Agrotis mayrorum Ronkay & Huemer, 2018 Agrotis mazeli Ronkay & Huemer, 2018 Agrotis mesotoxa Meyrick, 1899 †Agrotis microreas Meyrick, 1899 – Microreas Agrotis Noctuid Moth Agrotis militaris Staudinger, 1888 (syn: Rhyacia furushonis Matsumura, 1925) Agrotis mollis Walker, 1857 Agrotis munda Walker, 1857 – Brown Cutworm Moth, Pink Cutworm Moth Agrotis obesa Boisduval, 1829 Agrotis obliqua Smith, 1903 Agrotis orthogonia Morrison, 1876 – Pale Western Cutworm Moth †Agrotis panoplias Meyrick, 1899 – Kona Agrotis Noctuid Moth Agrotis patricei Viette, 1959 Agrotis perigramma Meyrick, 1899 †Agrotis photophila Butler, 1879 – Light-loving Noctuid Moth Agrotis pierreti (Bugnion, 1837) Agrotis plumiger Krüger, 2005 Agrotis poliophaea Turner, 1926 Agrotis poliotis Hampson, 1903 Agrotis porphyricollis Guénée, 1852 – Variable Cutworm Moth †Agrotis procellaris Meyrick, 1900 – Procellaris Grotis Noctuid Moth Agrotis psammocharis Boursin, 1950 Agrotis psammophaea Meyrick, 1899 Agrotis puta Hübner, 1803 – Shuttle-shaped Dart Moth Agrotis radians Guénée, 1852 Agrotis rileyana (Morrison, 1875) Agrotis ripae Hübner, 1823 – Sand Dart Moth Agrotis robustior Smith, 1899 Agrotis ruta Eversmann, 1851 Agrotis sabulosa Rambur, 1839 Agrotis sardzeana Brandt, 1941 Agrotis schawerdai Bytinski-Salz, 1937 Agrotis scruposa (Draudt, 1936) Agrotis segetum Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775 – Turnip Moth Agrotis sesamioides Rebel, 1907 Agrotis simplonia Geyer, 1832 Agrotis spinifera Hübner, 1808 – Gregsons Dart Moth Agrotis stenibergmani (Bryk, 1941) (syn: Rhyacia stenibergmani poverina Bryk, 1942) Agrotis stigmosa Morrison, 1875 Agrotis striata Lafontaine, 2004 Agrotis subalba Walker, 1857 Agrotis submolesta Püngeler, 1900 Agrotis syricola Corti & Draudt, 1933 Agrotis taiwana B.
  • tm This bundle is "trivial" in the sense that TV admits a globally defined trivialising map: the identity function If M is any Banach manifold, the tangent bundle TM of M forms a Banach bundle with respect to the usual projection, but it may not be trivial.
  • tn Smithwicks Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Farmlife, Martin County, NC Sneedville Primitive Baptist Church, Sneedville, TN Spring Green Primitive Baptist Church, Hamilton, NC Sweet Leaf Primitive Baptist Church, Louisville, KY Tucson Primitive Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ Union Primitive Baptist Church, Roswell, GA website Vestavia Primitive Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL website Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS Wheelers Primitive Baptist Church, Person County, NC Winter Garden Primitive Baptist Church, Winter Garden, FL website Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church, Jasper, AL website
  • tnt Other performers on the packed talent roster include the gravel-voiced Franco "El Gorila", with "Baila Sola", Coscolluela with "El Bandolero", and TNT with "Dios Te Libre".
  • tot Well, I gave him the tot, a stiff one, which he drank quite neat, although it was against my principles, and locked up the bottle afterwards.
  • tv However, large sums of money are to be found elsewhere on Manhattan and for eleven hours Crowley used his native ingenuity and American know-how, most of which had been gleaned from watching TV crime shows.
  • tx Camp Green Hill is spread over almost 50 acres (200,000 m2) and is located near Mathis, TX on Lake Corpus Christi.
  • ut I'm goin' t' clean ut all up before daylight, an' ye needn't worry none about ut.
  • vt A. Nelson, 66 N. Y. J. B. Meedham, 4 Vt.
  • It I was goin' to do it.
  • T Sure there isn't a T?
  • Yt Scarce can I bee perswaded you are shee: But, bee yt but her shadowe, give mee leave For her remembrance to imbrace it thus.
  • Tut " Tut, my dear," replied the dowager, not noticing her anguish, or mistaking it for a girlish shame, "you young people are fools in these matters, but Sir Edward and myself will arrange everything as it should be."
  • Ty That Freshie's got a delivery that would fool Ty Cobb.
  • Ot "Lor' bless you," said the girl, "but your 'ands is 'ot!"
  • Tu He'm a proud man tu, I think.
  • LT F. B., commanding the Utah, 305 Bastedo, Lt.
  • RT These facts should impel the Rt.
  • ST 436. St. Marsan, ii.
  • TD Since its opening, TD Bank Ballpark has welcomed over 6,000,000 fans through its gates.
  • TR Tr. by S. E. Turner.
  • HT Little ShelfordChrist ChurchSt Andrew the GreatColneSt MatthewsOrchard ParkCC South CambsCEA churches in Cambridgeshire (red = Ely Diocese; purple = outside CoE) Diocese of Europe Diocese of Exeter ElburtonSt Leonard's, ExeterPaigntonTrinity, ExeterSt PancrasDevonportSt Andrews, PlymouthEmmanuelBovey TraceyLoxbeareCEA churches in Exeter Diocese Diocese of Gloucester WinterbourneMoreton-in-MarshEvenlode Vale SevenCEA churches in Gloucestershire (red = Gloucester Diocese; green = Bristol Diocese) Diocese of Guildford Frimley GreenSt John's WokingCC Virginia WaterForest GreenOckleyOkewoodKings GuildfordFelbridgeRedhillLalehamCEA churches in Surrey (red = Guildford Diocese; blue = Southwark Diocese; green = London Diocese; purple = outside CoE) Diocese of Hereford LeintwardineAdfortonCEA churches in Herefordshire Diocese of Leicester RothleyHT HinckleyEnderbyThorpe AcreMountsorrelWhitwickSilebyCossingtonSeagraveCEA churches in Leicestershire (Leicester Diocese) Diocese of Lichfield StapenhillCastle ChurchKidsgroveWestlandsChellTittensorAnslowStrettonCotes HeathAudleyStoneOultonCEA churches in Staffordshire (red = Lichfield Diocese; blue = Derby Diocese) HT OswestryColemereHT ShrewsburyCEA churches in Shropshire (Lichfield Diocese) Diocese of Lincoln BroughtonWigtoftEastgateCarltonCEA churches in Lincolnshire (Lincoln Diocese) Diocese of London St George'sHarold WoodSt Elisabeth'sLeytonDagenhamHarold HillNoak HillForest GateChadwell HeathS WoodfordWalthamstowEast HamOakwoodSt Helen'sLimehouseA'gateHampsteadHadley WoodChelseaSt Peter's BargeFulhamLyonsdownNew BarnetHanworthCC MayfairSt Simon ZelotesCC HayesWest HayesDownshire HillHollowayAll SoulsCockfostersEustonBecontreeGC DulwichGC SydenhamDundonaldCC BalhamThe BridgeSt John's CoE(C)TootingEmm WimbledonWimbledon ParkStreathamS LambethHT WallingtonBattersea RiseAll SaintsPeckhamSt LawrenceCC SurbitonSt Martin'sW DulwichW NorwoodBlackheathSt Patrick'sBermondseyEmm MordenPlumsteadCC BromleyBexleyheathDowneCudhamSt Andrew'sHighlandsMuswell HillGC Muswell HillClerkenwellGC HackneyCrouch EndSpitalfieldsN KensingtonSt Mary'sSt ThomasChester SqIslingtonDalstonSt Nick'sCC KensingtonN FinchleyWood GreenNorthwoodGC GreenwichCC SidcupCC BeckenhamPengePark LangleyHT WandsworthSt AnnesTolworthCEA churches in Greater London (red = Chelmsford Diocese; blue = London Diocese; green = Southwark Diocese; orange = Rochester Diocese; purple = outside CoE) Diocese of Norwich GC ThetfordSt AndrewsPoringlandBowthorpeTerrington St ClementWoottonsCEA churches in Norfolk (red = Norwich Diocese; blue = Ely Diocese) Diocese of Oxford St Ebbe'sNuffieldBanburyCassingtonEynshamSt MatthewsBurfordKinghamChurchillChipping NortonDaylesfordCEA churches in Oxfordshire (Oxford Diocese) ArborfieldBarkhamCC WokinghamMaidenheadWargraveKnowl HillWindsorSt Marys CoE(C)CEA churches in Berkshire (Oxford Diocese; purple = outside CoE) CheshamLoudwaterCEA churches in Buckinghamshire (Oxford Diocese) Diocese of Peterborough MoultonThrapstonMorcottBarton SeagraveWarktonCEA churches in Northamptonshire & Rutland (Peterborough Diocese) Diocese of Portsmouth RydeCEA churches in the Isle of Wight (Portsmouth Diocese) Diocese of Rochester Diocese of St Albans FrogmoreChorleywoodLittle HeathCEA churches in Hertfordshire (St Albans Diocese) RiseleyWoottonCEA churches in Bedfordshire (St Albans Diocese) Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich PalgraveElmswellCC LowestoftCEA churches in Suffolk (red = St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Diocese; blue = Norwich Diocese) Diocese of Salisbury WimborneWestbourneCEA churches in Dorset (red = Salisbury Diocese; blue = Winchester Diocese) CC SalisburyCEA churches in Wiltshire (purple = outside CoE) Diocese of Southwark Diocese of Truro FoweyPoughillSt KeaCEA churches in Cornwall (Truro Diocese) Diocese of Winchester BasingstokeSherborne St JohnWinkleburyWortingChinehamLords HillOakleyLittletonBransgoreCEA churches in Hampshire (Winchester Diocese) Diocese of Worcester MatchboroughBroughton HackettCC Wyre ForestCEA churches in Worcestershire (Worcester Diocese; purple = outside CoE)
  • ET Bonne chance et toujours la victoire!"
  • WT Common Rolls-.852 x R. P. M. of Front Roll x Wt. of Sliver in grains = Lbs. in 10 hours.

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