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How to spell TTRUE correctly?

If you misspelled "ttrue", here are some plausible suggestions. One option is to correct it to "true", which means being in accordance with facts. Another possibility is "truage", a term used in hockey to describe a player blocking an opponent. However, it is crucial to review the context of the word to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell ttrue correctly

  • rue I rue the day I decided to procrastinate and now have to cram for the exam tomorrow.
  • tare
  • tire I need to replace my car's old tire with a new one.
  • tore He tore his shirt while jumping over the fence.
  • torque My car's torque converter has failed and I need to replace it.
  • torus The Shape of a doughnut can be represented as a torus.
  • tree I love the smell of the tree in the park.
  • truce The two countries signed a truce to end the war.
  • true It is true that cats are very independent animals.
  • trued
  • truer It's truer now than it was then.
  • trues
  • Trug The gardener carried his tools in a trug across the lawn.
  • Tue I have to go to work on Tue.
  • tyre
  • Tyree

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