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How to spell TUANTS correctly?

If you've typed "tuants" instead of the intended word, here are some possible alternatives: "taunts", which means to mock or insult; "turns", referring to rotations or changes in direction; or "tuners", used to describe devices that fine-tune or adjust. Consider these viable options to ensure your message is accurately conveyed.

List of suggestions on how to spell tuants correctly

  • Ants Ants are a common household problem during the summer months.
  • aunts My aunts are my father's sisters.
  • mutants There were several mutants on the team.
  • stunts The stunts in this movie were amazing.
  • taints
  • TANS
  • TARTS I am going to bake some fruit tarts for the party tonight.
  • TATS I love the intricate tats on my friend's arms.
  • taunts His constant taunts made her question her own abilities.
  • TEATS The calf eagerly suckled on its mother's teats to get the nourishment it needed.
  • tenants The landlord was responsible for maintaining the building and ensuring the safety and comfort of his tenants.
  • tents We set up our tents in the open field.
  • tints The room was filled with the shades of pink, purple, and blue tints.
  • truants A group of truants were seen on the loose.
  • Tunas Tunas are a type of fruit that are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • tunes I love to listen to old tunes on my record player.
  • tunis
  • TUNS
  • turns
  • TUTS The dancers had to wear special TUTS (tutus) for the ballet performance.
  • tyrants Her tyrants thought they could do what they wanted, but they were wrong.

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