How to spell TUGED correctly?

We think the word tuged is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tuged correctly

  • aged The aged veteran reflected on his service during the war.
  • Budged I tried to move the heavy furniture, but it wouldn't budge an inch.
  • bugged I tried to work on my assignment, but the constant buzzing sound of the fly bugged me.
  • CUED The actor was cued to enter the stage at the sound of the director's whistle.
  • Dodged I dodged the ball that was coming towards me.
  • dogged Despite facing many obstacles, Sarah remained dogged in her pursuit of achieving her dreams.
  • Ducked The child quickly ducked behind the couch to avoid being seen.
  • Dunged I was eager to try the Dungeonesque chocolate cake which was on offer.
  • Fudged I may have fudged the numbers a little bit to make the report look better.
  • Gauged She gauged my reaction and continued.
  • Ged He read the novel " Ged" byStephen King.
  • Gouged The mechanic gouged me with an exorbitant bill for the car repairs.
  • Hugged After being hugged by his mother, the boy felt great satisfaction.
  • Judged The contestants will be judged on their cooking skills.
  • Jugged She was jugged after the crime.
  • Lugged I lugged that heavy suitcase around for hours.
  • mugged I was mugged on my way home from the grocery store last night.
  • nudged She nudged her friend to get her attention during the lecture.
  • Purged After she was purged from the party for criticizing the policies, she became more vocal about her beliefs.
  • rouged She rouged her cheeks before heading out to the event.
  • rugged My boots are perfect for hiking on rugged terrain.
  • staged The theater company staged an exciting new production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • Surged The water surged over the dam, flooding the surrounding areas.
  • Tacked She tacked the fabric to the wall to create a makeshift curtain.
  • tagged The graffiti artist tagged his signature on the side of the building.
  • target
  • Taxed After being taxed, the money was not enough to cover the cost of the bill.
  • ted Ted is a teddy bear that I have had since I was a child.
  • Teed Jase is a cool guy, and he always tees off before his rounds.
  • Ticked I got ticked off when my boss gave all the credit to someone else for the project I worked so hard on.
  • tied
  • tiger
  • tinged The sky was tinged with hues of pink and orange during the sunrise.
  • toed The athlete toed the line, preparing to sprint to the finish.
  • togaed The togaed senators walked down the marble steps of the Capitol building.
  • togged I had to togged up before I went out.
  • tonged I tonged the hot dogs out of the boiling water and onto the grill.
  • Toured Our family toured the Southern States this year.
  • Touted The basketball team is touted as one of the best in the nation.
  • Trudged I trudged through the snow all the way to the grocery store.
  • trued
  • tubed I'm going to the store, but I'll need to get some tubed milk on the way.
  • tucked She tucked the blanket around her shoulders to stay warm.
  • tug The children played tug of war in the park.
  • Tugged I was tugged into the store against my will.
  • tugs The sailor tugs on the ropes to pull in the sail.
  • tuned I was able to play the song perfectly because I had my guitar tuned.
  • Turfed The party was kicked out of the pub after they were turfed out for arguing.
  • turgid She was feeling quite turgid after the drink.
  • turned
  • Tusked The creature had long, tusked teeth.
  • tuxedo I'm going to wear my new tuxedo to the ball tonight.
  • Urged The nurse urged the patient to rise and walk around.

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