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How to spell TUGING correctly?

The correct spelling for "tuging" might be "tugging". This word refers to the act of pulling or yanking something with force. Other possible suggestions could include "tugger" or "tugged", depending on the context. It's important to review the sentence or phrase where the misspelling occurred to determine the most suitable replacement.

List of suggestions on how to spell tuging correctly

  • aging
  • Budging I tried pushing the heavy box, but it wasn't budging an inch.
  • bugging The fly in the room is bugging me.
  • Dunging The dog was dunging outside.
  • edging I spent the morning edging the lawn to get it ready for the party.
  • Fudging I can't believe she caught me fudging the numbers.
  • Gauging Gauging the level of customer satisfaction is crucial for improving business performance.
  • Gouging I was gouging at my throbbing eyeball with a pencil until it popped out.
  • hugging After a long day, I always look forward to hugging my loved ones.
  • judging I don't think you're judging me.
  • Jugging Jugging is a form of farce in which the joke is based on the confusion of the audience.
  • Lugging I'm lugging this box up the stairs because it's too heavy to carry.
  • mugging I read in the news that there was a mugging in the park last night.
  • Nudging Nudging is a technique that can be used to encourage people to make healthier choices.
  • purging I am purging my closet of clothes I no longer wear.
  • Rouging The process of rouging the cheeks gives a natural-looking flush.
  • staging The staging of the play needed more attention to detail.
  • surging The stock market is surging today, with many investors seeing significant gains.
  • Tagging " Tagging your luggage with your name and contact information can help ensure it is returned to you if it gets lost during travel.
  • taking I am taking a break from studying to grab some lunch.
  • taxing Completing my tax return is always a taxing experience.
  • Teeing John is teeing up his golf ball before hitting it with his club.
  • ting
  • tinging The sound of birds singing in the morning was tinging the air with a sense of calmness.
  • Toeing Toeing the line between excessive force and necessary action can be a difficult task for law enforcement.
  • touring I am touring the historic landmarks of Paris.
  • Touting The salesman was touting his new product as the best on the market.
  • truing The process of truing a bicycle wheel involves adjusting the spokes to eliminate any wobbling.
  • tubing We enjoyed a day of tubing on the river.
  • Tucking She was tucking her hair behind her ear.
  • Tugging The dog kept tugging on the leash, eager to run in the park.
  • tuning As he pulled the tuning fork out of the jar, he could hear a strange sound coming from it.
  • Turfing The football team is turfing the field to prepare for the game.
  • turin I have never visited Turin, Italy, but it is on my travel bucket list.
  • turing Alan Turing was an English mathematician and computing pioneer who cracked the German Enigma code during World War II.
  • turning I am turning left at the intersection.
  • tying I am tying my shoes before going for a run.
  • urging He kept urging her to tell the truth.

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