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How to spell TURES correctly?

If you're mistakenly typing "tures", fear not! It's easy to correct. Consider replacing it with "tures", which could be the intended word "pictures". Another option is "tures", which might refer to "textures" in a certain context. Always double-check to ensure the correct spelling before finalizing any written piece!

List of suggestions on how to spell tures correctly

  • cures There is no guarantee that any single medication or treatment will provide cures for COVID-19.
  • dares My little brother never dares to try new foods.
  • duress The statement was made under duress, as the defendant confessed only after being threatened with physical harm.
  • lures The fisherman carefully chose his lures for the day's fishing trip.
  • tares The farmer removed the tares from the wheat field in order to preserve the crop.
  • taros Taros are a starchy root vegetable commonly used in African and Asian cuisine.
  • taurus
  • teresa Teresa is a kind and thoughtful person who always puts others before herself.
  • tires
  • Tories
  • Torres
  • torus
  • Trees The trees in the park are especially vibrant in the fall with their red, yellow, and orange leaves.
  • tress
  • trews The Scotsman donned his traditional tartan trews for the annual Highland Games.
  • treys We ate treys for breakfast.
  • tries She always tries to be on time for her appointments.
  • trues
  • tubes The room was completely filled with tubes.
  • tues I am looking forward to next Tues day when I get to go on vacation.
  • tunes
  • turds I dislike making my bed, it's such a pain to clean up after people's turds.
  • Turfs The sports teams battled it out on the turfs of the stadium.
  • Turks The Turks are a significant ethnic group in Turkey.
  • turns She turns around to see who's calling her name.
  • turps My art teacher always smells of turps because she uses it to clean her paintbrushes.
  • Tyros The tyros in the training program struggled to keep up with the experienced professionals.

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