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How to spell TURFED correctly?

If you accidentally typed "turfed" instead of "turned", don't fret! Auto-correct can lead to such mistakes. Here are some appropriate recommendations: "turned", "twisted", "tweaked", "shifted" or "rotated". Remember to review your texts and double-check for any unintended misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell turfed correctly

  • buffed After the car wash, my car looked polished and buffed.
  • cuffed The police officer cuffed the suspect and escorted him to the station.
  • curved She admired the beautiful curved shape of the sculpture.
  • Duffed I was shocked when he duffed my soccer ball.
  • Huffed I was huffed when she refused to let me help her carry the books to the car.
  • Luffed I luffed it when I saw him, I knew he was a douchebag.
  • Muffed After three disastrous attempts, the trumpet player finally muffed his solo and the concert was over.
  • puffed The little girl puffed on her bubble gum, blowing big pink bubbles.
  • Ruffed I saw a ruffed grouse while hiking in the woods.
  • stuffed I am so stuffed after eating that enormous burger.
  • surfed He surfed the internet for hours searching for the perfect vacation spot.
  • Tared Tom the cat tared his new toy.
  • Tarred The boardwalk was tarred yesterday.
  • Termed The new initiative was termed a success by the project manager.
  • Tiffed She was really tiffed when he cancelled on her.
  • tired
  • Toured This museum is toured by the local high school students.
  • treed
  • tried I tried my best to complete the task before the deadline.
  • trued
  • tubed The doctor tubed his patient to help them breathe.
  • tucked She tucked her hair behind her ear before picking up the phone.
  • tufted The tufted pillow provided a comfortable spot to rest her head.
  • Tugged I tugged at the rope, but it wouldn't budge.
  • tuned She played her guitar tuned to a minor key.
  • turbid The water in the river was turbid with sediment from recent rains.
  • turf The playing field at the stadium was made of turf.
  • Turfed She was turfed out of the dorm for smoking in the hallway.
  • Turfs The football game was cancelled due to the heavy rainfall that soaked the turfs.
  • Turfy The soccer field was turfy and beautifully lined.
  • turgid It was a turgid read.
  • turned I turned my head to see who was yelling.
  • turret A turret is a special type of gun turret that is found on armoured fighting vehicles.

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