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How to spell TURLES correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "turles" as "turtles", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to rectify the error. Remember to double-check before hitting send or publish.

List of suggestions on how to spell turles correctly

  • burls The woodworker found beautiful burls on the ancient oak tree in the forest.
  • curdles The milk curdles when it's left out in the sun for too long.
  • curlers She put on her pink and green heated curlers and waited patiently for her hair to take shape.
  • curlews The curlews were resting on the shoreline.
  • curls She always admired the way her sister's hair had perfect curls.
  • dulles
  • FURLS My dog is covered in Furls.
  • hurdles He needs to overcome his hurdles to achieve his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • hurlers The hurlers practiced their throws on the field before the big game.
  • hurls The angry athlete hurls the discus across the field in frustration.
  • hurtles The spaceship hurtles through space at incredible speeds.
  • Jules Jules is a great chef and recipe book author.
  • mules I have three mules who pull my plow.
  • pules I poked my head out the window to gaze at the beautiful sunshine and pules until a gust of wind blew my hair into
  • purls She expertly knitted the intricate pattern, incorporating purls for texture.
  • rules The teacher explained the rules of the game to the students.
  • tables I can't seem to find my eyeglasses. Maybe they're in the tables.
  • Tales The Tales of Beedle the Bard delighted me when I was a child.
  • tares The farmer had to pull out the tares from his wheat field to ensure that his crops grew to their full potential.
  • tiles I need to pick up some tiles.
  • tires
  • titles She craved titles and status, but could never quite escape her last name.
  • tousles She tousles her hair and checks herself in the mirror before heading out.
  • Trees A forest is a great place to find trees.
  • tries She always tries her best to complete the impossible tasks given to her.
  • trues
  • tubes I need to replace the tubes in my amplifier to improve the sound quality.
  • tubules The tubules in the kidney help regulate the concentration of electrolytes and maintain the pH balance of blood.
  • tues
  • tulle She wore a tulle ballgown to their wedding.
  • tunes She listen to upbeat tunes during her workouts.
  • turds
  • Turfs I need to get on my turfs.
  • Turkeys The turkeys roamed freely in the farmer's field.
  • Turks The Turks have a rich cultural heritage and history.
  • turners The turners at the factory are responsible for shaping the wooden legs of the furniture.
  • turns He turns the steering wheel sharply and the car swerves to avoid hitting the dog.
  • turps Gary always drinks his turps after every game.
  • turtles My daughter named her new pet turtles.
  • tussles The kids were having tussles on the bed.
  • URLS The URLs contained in this document were copied without permission.
  • yules Yules is a name derived from the traditional English celebration of Yule.

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