What is the correct spelling for TURNN?

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Correct spelling for TURNN

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Possible correct spellings for turnn

  • dun And soon he was sitting wrapped in his furs, driving a miserable dun pony up a side-valley that led out on to the uplands.
  • tan Which in off hours, an' when we-all is more or less at leesure over our Valley Tan, Peets frequent comes explorin' 'round for details.
  • tarn But Tarn reappeared almost directly and asked me to go in I found that all was going as well as possible both with her and with the child.
  • ten It was ten o'clock in the morning.
  • tern RECEPTION, 97, 223 Reception at Government House, 67 Red Chupprassies, 195 Red Sea, 48 Regent Street, 5 Rejane, 33 Renown, 228 Roseate Tern, 309 Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 222 Russell viper, 129
  • tin Something in the sand objected, but the boy held on and gathered sand and all into his tin.
  • tinny He began to ease himself into bed again, when he heard the sound, tinny, a little rattle.
  • tn Tn. entente; F. entent.
  • ton His friends in town were of that set whose members are above ton, whenever they do not grasp at its possession, but who, whenever they do, lose at once their aim and their equilibrium, and fall immeasurably below it.
  • tonne When it was completed in 1905, the Aerial Bridges gondola had a capacity of 60 short tons (54 tonne) and could carry 350 people plus wagons, streetcars or automobiles.
  • torn The hanimal was big enough to 'ave torn you limb from limb if 'e'd got 'old of you."
  • tourney Thus, he thought, shall I cannonize my tourney, and serve Aurora, who is the dawn of truth and beauty in the world.
  • tun Now the first flight of stairs creaked, a woman's light footsteps could be heard upon them; they paused at the first landing but Christiane's room was not the goal, for with light cautious steps the late visitor mounted higher, reached the door of the tun, and tapped lightly on it.
  • tuna That's how the tuna catches them, it swims under in a straight line and grabs the fish as it comes down to get impetus for another flight.
  • tune "You start the tune.
  • tuner She'd been talking about the piano tuner with what struck him as a surprisingly confident understanding.
  • tunney The Clayton Antitrust Act, enacted to remedy deficiencies in antitrust law created under the Sherman Antitrust Act Hart–Scott–Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act Tunney Act, officially known as the Antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act
  • tunny On the 2d October, they killed a tunny and saw many other sorts, as also a white bird and many grey ones, and the weeds looked withered, as if almost reduced to powder.
  • turban On his head he wore a small colored cotton handkerchief, wound into a turban, that just covered the top of his head.
  • tureen In a burst of rage the poor boy raised the soup-tureen, and would infallibly have shattered it on the man's head if Jack had not caught his arm.
  • turin La Feuillade was besieging Turin.
  • turing Situated only 400 metres from the City of Manchester Stadium, the Academy Stadium is linked to the mother ground via a 190-metre bridge across the intersection of Ashton New Road and Alan Turing Way.
  • turn Now it was Henry's turn to be astonished.
  • turned He turned and hurried out of the room.
  • turner Aunt Martha Turner interrupted him.
  • turning Now, mademoiselle, let me do your eyebrows," turning her about.
  • turnip A splendid watch it was, round as a turnip.
  • turpin The place where he really died, he and Oliver and Turpin and all the others, was here in the very recess of the Northern Valley.
  • urn This did not end by Nelson's urn Where an immortal England sits- Nor where your tall young men in turn Drank death like wine at Austerlitz.
  • Tron Adagio", by Secret Garden, on the 1996 album Songs from a Secret Garden Adagio for Strings (Tiësto), a cover of Barbers Adagio by Tiësto "Adagio in C Minor", by Yanni, from the 1997 album Tribute "Adagio For TRON", from the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, by Daft Punk "Adagio", by Epica, on The Classical Conspiracy album Groups Adagio (band), a French progressive metal band
  • Dunn When she reached the post office the sinister smile with which Mr. Dunn greeted her assured her that he had something for her, and she readily conjectured that it was Fanny's expected letter.
  • Dunne "No. Dunne postulated an infinite series of time dimensions, the entire extent of each being the bare present moment of the next.
  • Tran Anopheles gabaldoni Vargas 1941 Anopheles guarao Anduze & Capdevielle 1949 Anopheles intermedius* Peryassu 1908 Anopheles maculipes Theobald 1903 Anopheles malefactor Dyar & Knab 1907 Anopheles mattogrossensis Lutz & Neiva 1911 Anopheles mediopunctatus Lutz 1903 Anopheles minor Da Costa Lima 1929 Anopheles neomaculipalpis Curry 1931 Anopheles peryassui Dyar & Knab 1908 Anopheles pseudomaculipes Peryassu 1908 Anopheles punctimacula Dyar & Knab 1906 Anopheles mediopunctatus Lutz 1903 Anopheles rachoui Galvao 1952 Anopheles shannoni Davis 1931 Anopheles veruslanei Vargas 1979 Anopheles vestitipennis Dyar & Knab 1906 Series Christya (Christophers 1924) Anopheles implexus Theobald 1903 Anopheles okuensis Brunhes, le Goff & Geoffroy 1997 Series Myzorhynchus (Edwards 1932) Anopheles obscurus Grunberg 1905 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 Anopheles barbirostris* Van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Group Albotaeniatus (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles albotaeniatus Theobald 1903 Anopheles balerensis Mendoza 1947 Anopheles ejercitoi Mendoza 1947 Anopheles montanus Stanton & Hacker 1917 Anopheles saperoi Bohart & Ingram 1946 subspecies ohamai Ohama subspecies saperoi Bohart & Ingram Group Bancroftii (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles pseudobarbirostris Ludlow 1935 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 subspecies bancroftii Giles subspecies barbiventris Brug Group Barbirostris (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles freyi Meng 1957 Anopheles koreicus Yamada & Watanabe 1918 Subgroup Barbirostris (Reid 1968) Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles campestris Reid 1962 Anopheles donaldi Reid 1962 Anopheles franciscoi Reid 1962 Anopheles hodgkini Reid 1962 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Subgroup Vanus (Reid 1968) Anopheles ahomi Chowdhury 1929 Anopheles barbumbrosus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Anopheles manalangi Mendoza 1940 Anopheles reidi Harrison 1973 Anopheles vanus Walker 1859 Group Coustani (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles caliginosus De Meillon 1943 Anopheles coustani Laveran 1900 Anopheles crypticus Coetzee 1994 Anopheles fuscicolor Van Someren 1947 Anopheles namibiensis Coetzee 1984 Anopheles paludis Theobald 1900 Anopheles symesi Edwards 1928 Anopheles tenebrosus Donitz 1902 Anopheles ziemanni Grunberg 1902 Group Hyrcanus (Reid 1953) Anopheles anthropophagus Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles argyropus Swellengrebel 1914 Anopheles belenrae Rueda 2005 Anopheles changfus Ma 1981 Anopheles chodukini Martini 1929 Anopheles dazhaius Ma 1981 Anopheles engarensis Kanda & Oguma 1978 Anopheles hailarensis Xu JinJiang & Luo XinFu 1998 Anopheles heiheensis Ma 1981 Anopheles hyrcanus* Pallas 1771 Anopheles junlianensis Lei 1996 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles kleini Rueda 2005 Anopheles kummingensis Dong & Wang 1985 Anopheles kweiyangensis Yao & Wu 1944 Anopheles liangshanensis Kang Tan Cao Cheng Yang & Huang 1984 Anopheles nimpe Nguyen, Tran & Harbach Anopheles pseudopictus Graham 1899 Anopheles pullus Yamada 1937 Anopheles sinensis* Wiedemann 1828 Anopheles sineroides Yamada 1924 Anopheles xiaokuanus Ma 1981 Anopheles xui Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao 2007 Anopheles yatsushiroensis Miyazaki 1951 Subgroup Lesteri (Harrison 1972) Anopheles crawfordi Reid 1953 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu & Feng 1975 Anopheles lesteri de Meillon 1931 Anopheles paraliae Sandosham 1959 Anopheles peditaeniatus Leicester 1908 Anopheles vietnamensis Manh Hinh & Vien 1993 Subgroup Nigerrimus (Harrison 1972) Anopheles nigerrimus* Giles 1900 Anopheles nitidus Harrison, Scanlon & Reid 1973 Anopheles pseudosinensis Baisas 1935 Anopheles pursati Laveran 1902 Group Umbrosus (Reid 1950) Anopheles brevipalpis Roper 1914 Anopheles brevirostris Reid 1950 Anopheles hunteri Strickland 1916 Anopheles samarensis Rozeboom 1951 Anopheles similissimus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Subgroup Baezai (Rattanarithikul et al.
  • turns They took turns with the one cup.
  • DUNNO I dunno what his mother sent him over here for, not I. He'll get hisself leakin'."
  • TENN Tuition 39.25 Nashville, Tenn.
  • TUNS He watched the wooden ships with great sails that crossed from shore to shore; he talked with mariners sailing south from the Orkneys, and others coming north from the Loire with their tuns of wine, who told him European tidings, and how a town in Istria had been wrecked by earthquake.

8 words made from the letters turnn

3 letter words made from turnn:

nut, urn, run, rut, tun, nun.

4 letter words made from turnn:

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