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How to spell TUTED correctly?

The correct spelling for "tuted" could be "tutored", "touted", "tooted" or "tented", depending on the context of the text. It's important to check the surrounding words and sentences to get a clearer picture of what the intended word should be.

List of suggestions on how to spell tuted correctly

  • dated The design of the furniture in the apartment looks dated compared to modern styles.
  • Doted She doted on her grandchildren, always showering them with love and gifts.
  • muted The colors in the painting were muted and subdued, giving it a serene and calming effect.
  • outed My parents outed me when they found out I was gay.
  • tatted She showed off her tatted sleeve during the summer festival.
  • Tided She tided the room before her guests arrived.
  • Tooted While driving, I tooted my horn at a cyclist who did not properly signal.
  • Toted I toted the heavy bags of groceries up the stairs to my apartment.
  • Totted I totted up the amount of money I spent on groceries this week.
  • Touted
  • tubed The patient was tubed to assist with breathing during surgery.
  • tufted The tufted carpet bunches up at the corners.
  • tuned She tuned her radio to a new station.

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