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How to spell TWINGED correctly?

If you meant to spell "twinged", possible correct suggestions include "tinged", "twined" or "twanged". "Tinged" means to add a slight amount of color or flavor, while "twined" means to twist or interlace together. "Twanged" means to make a sharp, vibrating sound like a guitar string.

List of suggestions on how to spell twinged correctly

  • tinged The sky was tinged with orange and pink as the sun set over the horizon.
  • Twanged As he plucked the guitar string, it twanged loudly, filling the room with a sharp, metallic sound.
  • Twigged I twigged that something was wrong when I saw her expressions.
  • twined The ivy twined around the garden fence, creating a natural and beautiful barrier.
  • twinge I felt a sudden twinge of pain in my lower back as I bent down to pick up my keys.
  • Twinged As she bent down to pick up her purse, a sharp pain twinged in her back.
  • twinges I felt twinges of pain in my stomach after eating that spicy dish.
  • twinned The two sisters were so alike that they looked like twinned versions of each other.
  • winged The winged creature soared high in the sky, its feathers glistening in the sunlight.

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