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How to spell TWITTLING correctly?

If you've been typing "twittling" instead of "twiddling", don't worry, it happens to the best of us! To correct this common error, simply swap the "t" and the "d" to get the correct spelling. Twiddling refers to fidgeting or playing with something idly. Keep on twiddling the right way!

List of suggestions on how to spell twittling correctly

  • tattling
  • Titling Titling your book with an engaging and catchy title is essential for catching the attention of potential readers.
  • twiddling I sat at my desk, twiddling my thumbs as I waited for the clock to strike five.
  • Twirling The little girl was twirling around in her pretty pink dress.
  • Twittering The sound of birds twittering outside my window woke me up this morning.
  • Twitting I enjoy twitting my thoughts and opinions about various topics on social media.
  • Wattling The ancient art of wattling involves weaving tree branches and twigs together to create fence panels or shelter.
  • Whittling He spent his evenings whittling away at a block of wood to create a detailed sculpture.

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