Correct spelling for TYPOES

We think the word typoes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for typoes

  • depose In the endeavour to depose him from the impossible position to which his panegyrists had exalted him, his detractors have gone to any length.
  • taps Well, one thing fetched on another till she got to lookin' about my shop while I was trimmin' the heel-taps, an' all at once she wanted to know-if thar was no harm in axin'-what rent I was payin'.
  • tops On the surface of this wash, rising up through thousands of feet, the tips of buried mountains peeped out like tiny hill-tops, yet black, and sharp and grim.
  • type These were not of the dangerous type.
  • typed The signature should be legible, or if the one who writes it enjoys making flourishes he may do so if he will have the name neatly typed either just below the name or just above it.
  • typo
  • Tiptoes
  • Tyros
  • tapers
  • typos
  • types
  • tips
  • dupes
  • dopes
  • TOES
  • hypes
  • toupees
  • toppers
  • tykes
  • Tapas
  • tropes
  • tappers
  • tepees
  • affranchising I gave thereby proof of my temperance in eating my corn whilst it was but grass, like a hermit feeding upon salads and roots, that, so affranchising myself from the yoke of sensual appetites to the utter disclaiming of their sovereignty, I might the better reserve somewhat in store for the relief of the lame, blind, crippled, maimed, needy, poor, and wanting wretches.
  • cock-a-doodle-doos
  • desiccations
  • diaphaneities
  • pounds-feet
  • postclassic
  • bioregionalism The Piedmont bioregion comprises the piedmont areas of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and northern Georgia as defined by the principals of bioregionalism.

84 words made from the letters typoes

3 letter words made from typoes:

set, eos, yes, spy, sot, pot, toe, top, opt, yet, sop, poe, pes, soy, toy, pet, sty, stp, pst, ops, est, sep.

4 letter words made from typoes:

pots, esty, poty, tyes, toye, espy, pest, topy, yeps, yoes, poet, typo, peyo, stop, tosy, opet, otey, esop, teso, posy, pose, sype, yose, spey, post, peto, tope, stye, toey, sept, step, etsy, spot, peso, type, tops, epos, etoy, pyes.

5 letter words made from typoes:

poety, poyse, estoy, typos, eyots, tysoe, peyto, stype, peyos, yoest, yesto, pyots, potsy, stoep, etoys, tepoy, types, potes, poets, poesy, pyets, poste, pesty.

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