Correct spelling for UABLE

We think the word uable is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for uable

  • Equable
  • Here she hoped to find solace in barine's cheerful and equable nature; here the helpful hands of her dark-skinned maid and confidante awaited her.

  • Gable
  • She stood by the gable-end of the house and called up to the window, open at the top, which she knew to be that of stella's room.

  • Abel
  • "hold me fast, abel, and don't let me go, whatever happens," she said.

  • Umbel
  • The seeds grow numerously in the small flat flowers placed thickly together on each floral plateau, or umbel, and are best known to us in seed cake, and in caraway comfits.

  • Babel
  • They parted to give her passage, their babel immediately resuming after her.

  • Arable
  • The western australian company's grant of land at australind comprises 100,000 acres, among which there is a large quantity of excellent pasture and arable land.

  • Cable
  • "miss cable, i understand why you are here.

  • Fable
  • Well, it may be fun to you, but it'll be death to some of us, as some fable-mongering feller said about something else-i forget what.

  • Amble
  • Can't you let me mount from my back porch here and amble around these fine mornings before people are up?

  • Ruble
  • I distributed all my small change, and entered an open shop with the request that the shopkeeper would change a ten- ruble bill for me.

  • Ably
  • The colonel of the regiment was killed soon after their arrival, and from the command of the regiment he rose, before the campaign was over, to command a brigade, and then a division; and he performed his duties so faithfully and ably that he was confirmed in this position.

  • Abbe
  • With them the attachment to the religion of their fathers was not the exception, but the rule, and it is only necessary to bear in mind what the abbe mcgeoghegan has said-that, at the death of elizabeth, scarcely sixty irishmen, take them all in all, had professed the new doctrines-in order at once to comprehend the steady tendency toward the path of duty imparted by true nobility of blood.

  • Enable
  • This will invariably cause it to let go its hold, and generally frighten it, so as to enable the person to escape.

  • Label
  • Inside it was a baby, and round its neck was a label on which he read: 'please take me in, or i shall be drowned to-morrow.

  • Usable
  • In this latter apartment were two persons: one, a serene faced woman of middle age who was busily engaged at the kneading board; the other, a slender maiden well covered by a huge apron and with sleeves rolled back, stood before a deal table reducing loaf sugar to usable shape.

  • Mabel
  • Bowing stiffly to mabel, he passed on toward nellie, in his eagerness stepping on carrie's train and drawing from her an exclamation of anger at his awkwardness.

  • Bale
  • No, bunny, i bale out every drop and pour it away through the scullery sink, so you will kindly consult me before you turn a tap.

  • Unable
  • I don't wish to have any unpleasantness with you, sir, but i regret that i am unable to accommodate you with a bed, in this hotel, to-night."

  • Sable
  • The sable took even longer to tame than the urson.

  • Table
  • Table 54 gives the results of this cross.

  • Abe
  • Abe moss was determined to be on the right one of joel kenley's pair for the sydney cup, and as he knew exactly what black boy was capable of he thought after the trial that lucky boy held a splendid winning chance.

  • Able
  • I earnestly hope for her sake that we may be able to get to england this year-a sight of us will be some comfort.

  • Bauble
  • The pope, the king, the youthful squire, each one the fool's cap doth attire; he who the bauble will not wear, the worst of fools doth soon appear.

  • Mable
  • Hed eat anything, that fello, mable.

  • Abler
  • He had a way of treating march with deference, as an older and abler man, and of qualifying the freedom he used toward every one with an implication that march tolerated it voluntarily, which she thought very sweet and even refined.

  • Ale
  • Provision is making for beer, ale, and wine, for all that are willing or ready to dine.

33 words made from the letters uable

4 letter words made from uable:

blae, abel, uale, bual, bleu, baul, laub, luba, albu, uleb, blau, baue, bael, blue, lube, bale, elua, buea, beau, abul, able, belu.

3 letter words made from uable:

ale, leu, bel, lab, lea, alb.

5 letter words made from uable:

lebua, belau, baule, leuba, auble.