Correct spelling for UCLE

We think the word ucle is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ucle

  • able When I have seen and heard and thought much, I will be better able to understand you."
  • acme "A chamber with a chimney" was the acme of medieval comfort.
  • acne The coverage is often mineral-based, and is intended to both cover and treat blemishes such as acne, sun spots, and age spots.
  • acre Though he forgot his own name and those of his servants, he was always familiar with the price-current, and knew the exact value of every acre and vineyard in the vicinity.
  • ale Sedgett gulped some ale.
  • axle There is a small grooved wheel on the axle of the fan outside, and an endless line, like a clothes-line, is carried over this wheel and a groove in the edge of a high light wooden driving-wheel rigged between two uprights in the rear and with a handle to turn.
  • buckle Placing his foot upon one of the logs, he bent down to examine the buckle.
  • bugle It is only the bugle-call to thought and action, in the higher range of infinite goodness.
  • cl Cr. 8vo, cl, 6s.
  • clew As usual with him, Max began to cast around in order to find some clew to the identity of the thief.
  • clue I have in my possession a slight, a very slight clue.
  • cole Jasper Cole sprang toward him and caught him as he fell.
  • cull The owners calculated it would take twenty-five years to cull out all the large timber and by the time that job was finished there would be a second growth ready to cut. With this in view, hardwood and rich walnut were cut and used with utter extravagance and disregard for their great worth; full-sized logs of the finest grade were used for building barns, planks of black walnut found their way into porch floors, walnut posts were used freely for fencing by the mountaineer himself.
  • cycle Thence he had noted the changing seasons and the cycle of the years.
  • gale His hat was blown into the hall as the door opened to him, and he himself was glad to be sheltered by the door, so violent was the gale.
  • guile At least it was worth trying, and it was not without guile that he had proposed this walk; he knew of something he meant to spring upon Ishmael as a test.
  • idle That would have been equally idle.
  • isle "I've been seeing the waves and the white beach of Grand Isle; the quiet, grassy street of the Cheniere Caminada; the old sunny fort at Grande Terre.
  • kale ==-Sea Kale requires strong ground, fully exposed to the sun, and enriched with any good manure, that from the stable being undoubtedly the best.
  • ogle Ogle cried, fast losing patience, and making a quick step forward.
  • scale The next following movement on a large scale occurred after the surrender of Kilkenny, when the Irish commanders, Colonel Fitzpatrick, Clanricard, and others, could obtain no better terms than emigration to any foreign country then at peace with England.
  • suckle They do not follow the unmotherly practice of putting their infants out to nurse, thinking it no disgrace to suckle their own offspring.
  • ugly You do believe that I wasn't ugly to her, don't you?"
  • uncle You know my uncle?
  • urge If you could fix it to dine with us-But I won't urge you.
  • url URL Badman" was released on 13 July 2014 by Parlophone.
  • Nuclei Without going into details-which would more than occupy all the space at command-I may recall the discoveries of Strasburger and his pupils, and of Guignard, which have supplemented the earlier discoveries of De Bary, Cohn, and Hofmeister, by establishing the facts that the essential point in fertilisation is the fusion of two nuclei, and the bringing together in the fused mass of two extremely minute thread-like coiled bodies, the so-called chromatosomes or filaments, one of which is derived from the male and the other from the female parent.
  • Kyle Half an hour later on the street, Grant was passing his cousin Anne, wheeling Daniel Kyle Perry out to take the air.
  • Cleo Buddy Carlyle (born 1977), American baseball player Cleo Carlyle (1902–1967), American baseball player Jane Welsh Carlyle (1801–1866), Scottish writer Joan Carlyle (born 1931), British soprano John Carlyle (disambiguation), several people John Aitken Carlyle (1801–1879), translator of Dante and younger brother of Thomas Carlyle Joseph Dacre Carlyle (1759–1804), British orientalist Florence Carlyle (1864–1923), Canadian painter Francis Carlyle (1912–1975), American magician Liz Carlyle (born 1958), American writer Mara Carlyle (born 1970s), British singer-songwriter and arranger Paul Carlyle (born 1967), Northern Irish footballer and manager Randy Carlyle (born 1956), Canadian ice hockey player and coach Reuven Carlyle (born 1965), American politician Richard Carlyle (1914–2009), American actor Robert Carlyle (born 1961), Scottish actor Roy Carlyle (1900–1956), American baseball player Steve Carlyle (born 1950), Canadian ice hockey player and coach Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881), Scottish essayist and historian Thomas Carlyle (lawyer) (1803–1855), Scottish lawyer and apostle of the Catholic Apostolic Church Walter Carlyle (1938–2007), Scottish footballer Warren Carlyle, English theatre director and choreographer Characters Boone Carlyle, fictional character on the television series Lost Luke Carlyle, a Marvel Comic Book character
  • Ole My ole head wuzn't workin' right er I wouldn't 'a' slipped.
  • UL In consequence of these two circumstances, namely, the famine, and the abuses that were supposed to arise from it, and from the circumstance of the minority of Mobarek ul Dowlah, who now reigns or appears to reign,-in consequence of these two circumstances, the Company gave two sets of orders.
  • UCLA The 1962–63 UCLA basketball team was coached by John Wooden in his 15th year.
  • ACLU Strange bedfellows:the ACLU, Neal Boortz & Cobb County police".

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leu, cul, cue.

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