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How to spell UDGES correctly?

If you've misspelled "udges", don't fret! The correct suggestions could include "judges", "edges" or "nudges". Double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy, as mistakes are common. Use spell-check tools or consult a dictionary to avoid confusion and maintain clear communication in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell udges correctly

  • adages
  • ages It takes ages for the cake to bake in the oven.
  • badges She has a badges collection.
  • budges I have tried pushing the couch, but it still doesn't budges an inch.
  • cadges He always cadges drinks off his friends instead of buying his own.
  • dodges The athlete quickly dodges left and right to avoid being tackled by the defensive player.
  • edge The sharp edge of the knife cut through the steak easily.
  • edgers The landscaping company used edgers to create a clean and defined separation between the lawn and garden.
  • edges The edges of the rug are fuzzy.
  • fudges She fudges her fitness log to make it seem like she exercises more than she actually does.
  • hedges I stand in my garden, looking at the tall hedges that separate me from my neighbor's yard.
  • Hodges The Hodges house is a beautiful example of early American architecture.
  • ides The Ides of March is a well-known historical event that marks the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • judges The judges ruled that the plaintiff had proven that the defendant had violated her legal rights.
  • ledges The hikers peered down at the steep ledges below as they navigated the rocky path.
  • lodges The group of friends rented several lodges for their weekend getaway in the mountains.
  • midges The lake was infested with midges, making it difficult to enjoy the peaceful scenery.
  • nudges She used subtle nudges to guide her friend towards making the right decision.
  • ODES I enjoy reading classical poetry, especially the odes of Keats and Shelley.
  • purges During Stalin's rule, the Soviet government conducted massive purges to eliminate any perceived threats to his power.
  • ridges The mountains were covered in ridges.
  • surges The power grid experienced massive surges during the thunderstorm.
  • urge I urge you to take the opportunity to speak to them.
  • urges She couldn't resist the urges to eat the entire bag of potato chips.
  • usages The different usages of social media platforms can vary depending on the target audience.
  • uses She uses her smartphone to keep in touch with her friends.
  • Utes Many Utes live in Utah.
  • wedges I like to wear wedges instead of heels because they are more comfortable.

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