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How to spell UFERRABLY correctly?

If you're looking for suggestions to correct the misspelling "uferrably", here are some possibilities: "preferably", "preferably", "preferably" and "preferably".

List of suggestions on how to spell uferrably correctly

  • bearably Despite the sweltering heat, the gentle breeze made the afternoon somewhat bearably tolerable.
  • execrably The food at that restaurant was execrably bad, I couldn't even finish my meal.
  • inferrable The results of the experiment were inconclusive, making any definitive conclusions inferrable.
  • sufferably The weather, although hot, was sufferably bearable with a gentle breeze.
  • terribly I felt terribly sad when I heard about the passing of my dear friend.
  • unbearably The room was unbearably hot, making it difficult to concentrate.

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