How to spell UFFAL correctly?

We think the word uffal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell uffal correctly

  • afar I can see the mountains afar.
  • affable Despite her high position in the company, the CEO is known for her affable demeanor and approachable nature.
  • affably Despite his high position in the company, he always greeted his colleagues affably.
  • affair The affair between my boss and his secretary caused rumors to spread around the office.
  • afoul The boat's propeller became fouled and we got afoul of some rocks.
  • al Al is an abbreviation for the chemical element aluminum.
  • aural The aural experience of listening to a live band is much more immersive than listening to a recording.
  • awful
  • buffalo
  • eff
  • EFL He is an English language teacher.
  • eiffel
  • fail I will not fail this test, I have studied all week.
  • fall I enjoy watching the fall leaves change colors.
  • feel
  • fell
  • fill Can you please fill my glass with water?
  • fl The family reunion was going to be Florentine themed.
  • FLA The movie was really good, but I was really bored during the parts with the talking animals.
  • flaw The flaw in his argument was his assumption that because he was right all the time he was right about everything.
  • flay The chef told the waiter to be careful not to flay the fish while filleting it for the customers.
  • foal
  • foil The foil kept the food warm until it was time to serve.
  • FOL Foul language is not tolerated at the restaurant.
  • FOLL I can't believe you forgot to bring the foam roll!
  • fool He felt like a fool for forgetting his own birthday.
  • foul The athlete committed a foul during the game, causing a penalty to be given to the opposing team.
  • fowl My neighbor's chickens are aggressive fowl.
  • fuel The airplane needs fuel to take off and reach its destination.
  • full
  • furl Furl your brows to cover your eyes.
  • huffily I huffily dismissed her offer.
  • iffy I'm not sure if it's going to rain tonight, it's a bit iffy.
  • muffle I had to muffle my cough in class.
  • NFL
  • off
  • offal Flesh and offal from the slaughterhouse hang from the rafters like macabre ornaments.
  • Orval Orval is a type of Belgian Trappist ale.
  • outfall The outfall of the river is the point where it flows into the ocean.
  • oval The oval table is special because it's the only one in the restaurant.
  • ruffle The wind began to ruffle the leaves of the trees.
  • ruffly She estimated the amount of fabric she needed ruffly, without measuring precisely.
  • UCLA
  • Udall Senator Tom Udall is a Democrat from New Mexico.
  • ufa She was carrying a Ufa box camera.
  • ufo My uncle saw a UFO near his house last night.
  • uhf The UHF radio frequency band is commonly used for communication in industries such as aviation, military, and public safety.
  • UL The UL building is the tallest structure in the city.
  • unfurl As soon as the wind began to pick up, the sail began to unfurl and the boat began to move.
  • Ural I have a great uncle who lives in the Ural Mountains.
  • url Please enter a URL.
  • useful The information contained in the handbook is very useful for new employees.
  • usual

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  • determination
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