What is the correct spelling for UILITY?

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Correct spelling for UILITY

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Possible correct spellings for uility

  • ability I will, in all things, according to the best of my ability, follow your majesty's instructions.
  • agility Historical parallel bars are usually set up for exhibiting feats of mental agility.
  • alt It included cotton, timber, iron, hops, whale oil, bills of exchange, ships on the stocks and the Alt rates.
  • alto They serve under General Taylor at Palo Alto, Monterey, and Buena Vista and share in the glory of "Old Rough and Ready."
  • built Kali and Mea put up a zareba, built a fire, and prepared supper.
  • duality But that curious sense of duality had vanished.
  • eliot 36 Eliot, John, v.
  • elite Next to Pappas Brothers was the grey wooden building of Mule Spinners' Hall, that elite organization of skilled labour, and underneath it the store of Johnny Tiernan, its windows piled up with stoves and stovepipes, sheet iron and cooking utensils.
  • equality The great idea of liberty and equality had already soared from it at the prodigious blast of the Revolution; and from its genius and valour the final emancipation of man would also take its flight.
  • flit Good gentlemen, my mind doth backward flit On wings of happy mem'ry to that hour When we, amid the plaudits of the hosts, Did well proclaim to all the happy words Which Caesar to expectant ears did send.
  • gilt Large Crown 8vo, bound in cream cloth, with gilt top.
  • guilt He failed of answering, and guilt weighed down his head.
  • guilty "Brother or not, he has been guilty of the most shameful treachery towards me.
  • hilt And so, while my amiable and garrulous Ser Stefano engaged me in pleasant conversation-addressing me ever as Messer the Fool, since he knew me not by name-I wrapped my cloak about me, and under cover of it kept my fingers on the hilt of my stout Pistoja dagger, ready to draw and use it at the first sign of mischief.
  • iliad I told him I was working at a translation of the " Iliad," and in return he informed me that he was making a collection of Greek epigrams, which he wished to publish in Greek and Italian.
  • jilt Fortunately, not only was the old campaigner away for the day-she had taken to visiting and bullying the young incumbent's sick parishioners for him now, and priming them with tracts when a cheerful word would have better suited their ailments; but Pringle was also out with his wife, and Tom found Lizzie alone at home-alone in a very little conservatory, which had witnessed his love-tale before, and where he had parted from her, telling her that she was a heartless jilt.
  • kilt "Sure, now, we were afther thinking your honour was kilt intirely," continued Barney.
  • laity Then behold the day approached, when as the sacrifice should be done, and when night came there arrived on every coast, a great multitude of Priests, who according to their order offered me many presents and gifts: then was all the Laity and prophane people commanded to depart, and when they had put on my back a linnen robe, they brought me to the most secret and sacred place of all the temple.
  • lilt But it really lacks the lilt of the "Marching Song" printed further on in the book.
  • lit The guard stood still with a puzzled face for a moment, then suddenly a smile lit up his face, and he answered quite briskly: "Oh!
  • lite Wolves were many, down in the breaks along the river that spring; and the coyotes were an ever-present evil among the calves, so that Lite never rode abroad without his six-shooter.
  • milt And for Heaven's sake, my dear Mrs Milt, let's have no more of this petty squabbling.
  • nullity The friend in question was a man of about thirty-five, of medium height, rather stout than thin, who strove to conceal his utter nullity and stupidity beneath an imposing manner; he had one of those faces which tell absolutely nothing; but he tried so hard to impart some expression to his eyes that he almost made them haggard.
  • oily Our diet was not appetising, consisting as it did for the most part of oily seal and walrus-meat, but drift-wood was now more plentiful, and we could usually reckon on that blessing, a fire at night.
  • polity Although the soi-disant Consul of the English, and all the Christians who per hazard visit Ghat, he displayed to-day the greatest ignorance of the maxims and polity of Christian nations.
  • quality 375. That is not the finest quality of knitting?
  • quilt "This beats a bed any time," remarked the Girl, spreading out the rug smoothly; and then, reaching up for the old patchwork, silk quilt that hung from the loft, she added: "There's one thing-you don't have to make it up in the mornin'."
  • silt At various localities also in the silt of the Carse of Gowrie iron implements have been found.
  • silty The large masses composing mound breakwaters give them great stability against the attacks of the sea; and, moreover, the wide base of the mounds enables them to be deposited on a sandy or silty sea-bottom, without any fear of settlement or undermining.
  • slit He opened it in the privacy of his employer's sitting-room, and remembering the advice given him that morning as to the way to present a business report, pointed silently to a small slit in the side of the fur-lined coat, where it would cover a man's ribs.
  • tilt And, full-tilt down the gorge, flash-tipped like a thunderbolt, gray-turbaned, reckless, whirling death ripped down on them.
  • ult In my last, I informed the Committee that M. Del Campo would, probably, be appointed to negotiate with Mr Jay, and that his instructions and nomination would have his Majesty's approbation on the night of the 30th ult.
  • unit We heard last night that the Scottish unit had lost one of their nurses, with typhoid; it was at Valievo.
  • unity "A Papist prisoner, your Grace," he said, "said to me the other day that this would be sure to come: that the whole principle of Church authority had been destroyed in England; and that the Church of England would more and more be deserted by her children; for that there was no necessary centre of unity left, now that Peter was denied."
  • unlit And thus my thought would speak: that she Who ne'er hath borne a child nor known Is nearer to felicity: Unlit she goeth and alone, With little understanding what A child's touch means of joy or woe, And many toils she beareth not.
  • uppity
  • utility
  • wilt
  • Alta As the Puerta Alta is so high above the church pavement, and ingress would in daily use have proved difficult, the great door of the Pellejeria was cut in the northeastern arm of the transept at the end of the furriers' street, and down a series of moss-grown, cobblestone planes the Burgalese could gain entrance to their church from this side.
  • Elliot "Then I'll move my books and writing materials right over there," said Elliot with a most boyish glee.
  • Ilia Your favourite name began with L, While I thought you surpassed by no man- Gladder than Ilia, the well- Known Roman.
  • flirty But what struck me most now was the way in which she was altered; her sharp, angry way was gone, and she seemed to be changed into a soft gentle woman, without a single flirty way or thought, but always ready to flinch and shrink away until she saw how it troubled me, when she'd creep back to kneel down by my side, and put her little hand in mine; when, to make the same comparison again that I made before, I tell you that there, in that besieged and ruined place, half starred, choked with thirst, and surrounded by a set of demons thirsting for our blood-I tell you that it seemed to me like being in heaven.

15 words made from the letters uility

4 letter words made from uility:

lity, liut, luit, luyi, tuli, iiul, yili, luyt, luty, yuli, tuyl.

3 letter words made from uility:

ult, lit, lii, tiu.

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