Correct spelling for UNCONFIDENT

We think the word unconfident is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for unconfident

  • Confidante(Definition of confidante)
  • I was his chief correspondent, and he made me the confidante of his professional hopes and fears.

  • Unconfined(Definition of unconfined)
  • Her skin was dazzlingly fair; her luxuriant hair, which floated unconfined in long wavy tresses down her back, was of so deep a chestnut hue that it might easily have been mistaken for black; and her eyes-well, they sparkled and flashed so brilliantly that it was difficult for a stranger to determine their precise colour.

  • Confident(Definition of confident)
  • It does, and yet i am confident that that is what happened.

  • Incontinent(Definition of incontinent)
  • Reply obj. 2: the judgment of reason is overcome in the incontinent man, not necessarily, for then he would commit no sin, but through a certain negligence on account of his not standing firm in resisting the passion by holding to the judgment formed by his reason.

  • Overconfident
  • Though not overconfident in their courage, i accepted the post of general-in-chief pro tem.

  • Confidant(Definition of confidant)
  • Once she tried to speak of it, but was so overcome at the idea of imparting to the confidant of her childhood an experience of which she could scarcely yet think without emotion, that she paused in the attempt, fearing that, should she on any topic give way to her sensibilities, she should lose all restraint over her feelings and lay open her whole heart to willie.

461 words made from the letters unconfident

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3 letter words made from unconfident:

fed, dit, oft, utc, foe, ten, nun, dec, ido, oui, cud, nod, eon, ceo, iod, otc, icu, ute, con, duo, ect, nec, iou, due, eft, ecf, don, ufo, etc, doc, doe, den, toe, ton, tic, not, fit, cue, edo, ted, ent, tnf, ode, tin, dun, one, tie, dot, cut, ice, fen, net, nne, out, tod, uni, fin, neo, fun, cio, inn, tun, ion, oct, oed, din, cot, nit, iud, tec, tiu, ifc, end, die, nut.