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How to spell UNING correctly?

"Uning" could possibly be corrected to "uning" which is the correct spelling. Alternatively, it could be a misspelling of "running" or "unused". Context and sentence structure would further help in determining the correct suggestion for this misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell uning correctly

  • awning The cafe had a beautiful striped awning to provide shade to its customers.
  • Boning I'm going to give you a boning.
  • burning After fueling the fire, she sets the pot of stew on it to begin burning.
  • caning Caning is a form of corporal punishment where a person is struck with a cane.
  • coning In chapter thirteen of his book, Coning, the author describes coning as a type of wave.
  • cunning The cunning fox managed to trick the farmer and steal the chicken.
  • dining After work, we're going to enjoy a meal at the dining hall.
  • Dunning
  • ending The ending of the movie was unexpected, but satisfying.
  • Fining Fining is a common practice in winemaking to clarify the wine by removing any unwanted particles.
  • Gunning Her skills with a gunning rifle are something to be feared.
  • Honing He spent his free time honing his musical skills on the guitar.
  • Ing
  • Inking I am inking my tattoo design onto the paper.
  • inning I am playing in the batting cages for an inning.
  • lining I have a piece of lining that I need to get rid of.
  • mining Mining for natural resources can have harmful environmental effects if not done properly.
  • nina Nina is a lovely name for a baby girl.
  • nine I leave home at nine every morning to catch the train.
  • outing
  • Owning
  • pining After breaking up with her boyfriend, she spent many nights pining for his return.
  • punning I love punning with my friends and making them laugh.
  • ruining After his disappointing performance at the school theatrical production, he knew he was ruining his chances of getting into Duke University.
  • running I am going running in the park after work.
  • Sunning The cat was sunning itself in the window.
  • Toning She started toning her arms by lifting weights at the gym.
  • tuning I am currently tuning my guitar to get the best sound possible.
  • turning She looked over her shoulder, nervously turning the key in the lock.
  • undoing She knew that lying to her friend about the situation would be her undoing.
  • unhinge The door hinge had come loose, so we had to unhinge it to get it open.
  • union Our union is stronger than ever.
  • unions Many employees join labor unions to gain collective bargaining power with their employers.
  • UNIS
  • unit I need to purchase a measuring unit for my baking ingredients.
  • uniting The community was successful in uniting together to clean up the neighborhood park.
  • UNIV
  • unpin I accidentally unpin my favorite post from my social media dashboard.
  • upping The company is upping their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.
  • urging
  • using
  • waning
  • wining
  • zoning The community is discussing potential changes to the zoning laws to allow for more housing developments.

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