What is the correct spelling for UNIVERE?

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Correct spelling for UNIVERE

We think the word univere is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for univere

  • guinevere Then King Leodegrance delivered his daughter Guinevere to the messengers of King Arthur, and also the Round Table with the hundred knights.
  • gunfire Even as a lad, in a land-grant war in California, he had been under gunfire, and for the next fifteen years he led a life of danger and of daring; and studied in a school of experience than which, for a scout, if his life be spared, there can be none better.
  • infer We may also infer, from the trouble which the inhabitants of the Maldiva atolls take to root out, as they express it, the coral-knolls from their harbours, that their growth can hardly be very slow.
  • infra Ban Wilson had manned and made ready his personal space-ship for the trip to the laboratory, and Eliot Leithgow had jotted down a few preliminary plans for the infra-red and ultra-violet instruments which Carse would need in order to see the invisible asteroid of Dr. Ku Sui.
  • inhere St. Thomas, and Thomists generally, maintain that intellect and will are really distinct from the substance of the soul, and likewise that the sense faculties are really distinct from the substance of the animated organism in which they inhere.
  • inure But it is our people, I mean the Europeans, who, by breaking faith with them, teach them ingratitude, and inure them to treat their new comers with breach of faith, and with cruelty and barbarity.
  • invar She strove to rise to her feet, but Una had her orders from Invar.
  • inverse He had proved from Kepler's laws that a centripetal force directed to the sun, and varying as the inverse square of the distance from that body, would account for the observed planetary motions, and that a similar force directed to the earth would account for the lunar motion; and it had struck him that this force might be the very same as the familiar force of gravitation which gave to bodies their weight: but in attempting a numerical verification of this idea in the case of the moon he was led by the then received notion that sixty miles made a degree on the earth's surface into an erroneous estimate of the size of the moon's orbit.
  • invert But you invert the covenants of her trust, And harshly deal, like an ill borrower, With that which you received on other terms, Scorning the unexempt condition 685 By which all mortal frailty must subsist, Refreshment after toil, ease after pain, That have been tired all day without repast, And timely rest have wanted.
  • invitee Business Invitee and Public Invitee.
  • knavery There are knaves in this world, and no one can suppose that he has a special right to be exempted from their knavery because he himself is honest.
  • omnivore The blue mockingbird is an omnivore; it feeds primarily on invertebrates, but also on some vegetable matter.
  • unaware He had been utterly unaware of Kate's presence.
  • uneven He caught sight in the starlight of long, uneven heaps lying upon the ground.
  • uniform Then he got up and began putting on his uniform again.
  • unitary This results from the fact that the true Church, though always preserving a unitary organization, realizes herself by degrees only.
  • universe The universe is wrapt in an ecstasy of joy and gladness.
  • unnerve The despair in her voice did not unnerve her sister more.
  • unsure Fortunes wings Are full of giddy feathers to unsure For me to fly with all, but I will stay with you, I like so well this aire; onely you must Provide to keepe me from the hands of Danger That wayts upon Dessert.
  • unvaried Let us imagine the permanent unknown substance matter, and the permanent unknown substance mind, to be rendered, by the same divine power which made them, altogether different in their own absolute essence, as they exist independently, but to exhibit relatively, precisely the same phenomena as at present,-that spring, and summer, and autumn, and winter, in every appearance that can affect our organs of perception, succeed each other as now, pouring out the same profusion of foliage, and flowers, and fruits, and, after the last gladness of the vintage and the harvest, sweeping the few lingering blossoms, with those desolating blasts, which seem like the very destroyers of nature, while they are only leading in, with great freshness, under the same benevolent eye of Heaven, the same delightful circle of beauty and abundance,-that, in mind, the same sensations are excited by the same objects, and are followed by the same remembrances, and comparisons, and hopes, and fears; -in these circumstances, while all the phenomena which we observe, and all the phenomena of which we are conscious, continue exactly the same, can we believe, that we should be able to discover the essential change, which, according to this supposition, had taken place, in the permanent subjects of these unvaried phenomena!
  • unveil Thus sternly did the colonel unveil to the eyes of Ralph Colleton a portion of the family picture which he had never been permitted to survey before.
  • UNIV Washington, 51:131-134, August 23, 1938; Warren, The Mammals of Colorado, Univ.
  • overstimulate Such circumstances overstimulate the feelings and make them highly susceptible.
  • new-looking Sometimes the walls were quite well preserved and new-looking, while all about were others in all stages of decay.

98 words made from the letters univere

4 letter words made from univere:

neue, erei, eure, uren, nuer, viru, veer, ever, vine, ruen, erne, reni, eien, revi, uner, urie, enur, renu, erni, irun, eier, rieu, veni, iure, nive, erie, vein, vien, rive, rein, vier, ruin, eire, venu, reen, veen, even, eruv, vinu, rune, eriu, unie.

3 letter words made from univere:

ern, eve, ire, rev, run, ene, urn, rue, nee, vie, uni.

5 letter words made from univere:

viene, inure, viure, veren, neveu, urine, enver, neier, neuer, evren, neure, neuve, venue, venir, verni, revue, niver, verne, rivne, ierne, neeru, neive, ruine, reune, nieve, viren, vener, reive, nueve, nerve, niere, never, neuri, rieve, verin, nervi, urein.

6 letter words made from univere:

revenu, veurne, eruvin, venier, venire, ureine, vierne, veiner.

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