Correct spelling for UNIVESTY

We think the word univesty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for univesty

  • Universe(Definition of universe)
  • Or, more particularly, what are termed the nobler parts of our nature are supposed to be inexplicable, unless the universe always contained something at least equally noble which could cause them.

  • Incest(Definition of incest)
  • Phantasies the only escape of the maturing youth, 85 of the individual in struggle with incest temptation, 85, note 9 of all persons contain infantile inclinations, 85 distinctly incestuous, rejected, 85

  • Invests
  • The spell which it casts over old and young alike is due partly to the character of the young prince himself, partly to the suggestive mystery with which it invests all problems of life and sorrow.

  • Envies
  • Even so, 'would have him misconceive, suppose this caliban strives hard and ails no less, and always, above all else, envies him; wherefore he mainly dances on dark nights, moans in the sun, gets under holes to laugh, and never speaks his mind save housed as now: outside, 'groans, curses.

  • Unrest(Definition of unrest)
  • This was something i couldn't sit still for thinking of; it kept me awake-at midnight i was full of unrest.

  • Investor(Definition of investor)
  • But it never enters the head of the smaller investor that he, too, might create instead of merely investing; that, instead of being a shareholder in a limited liability company, he might be one of a creative fellowship, not merely earning dividends but transforming cities, exalting things of use into things of beauty, giving to himself and to mankind work worth doing for its own sake, work in which all the obsolete conflicts of rich and poor could be forgotten in a commonwealth.

  • Unifies
  • It is the belief of the people in the divine descent of the emperor, and his consequent divine right, that to-day unifies the nation and causes it to accept so readily the new social order; desired by him, they raise no questions, make no opposition, even though in some respects it brings them trouble and anxiety.

  • Inverts
  • The latter inverts but does not reverse right and left; therefore after inverting our picture we must interchange right and left because they have been reversed by the inversion.

  • Invent(Definition of invent)
  • To invent upon nothing is most unpleasant, and the signor antonio can soon perceive whether one swims with corks.

  • Infests
  • Cocus----, or small white scaly insect, which generally infests cycas revoluta and circinalis, the varieties of nerium oleander, oleas, and several species of acacias, may be destroyed by washing as above with a sponge, and a strong decoction of tobacco, using the liquid about the warmth of 100 deg. being thus heated, it irritates the insect, when, by easing itself from its bed, the fluid passes under it, and causes immediate death.

  • University(Definition of university)
  • After his first visit to egypt, ebers was called to the university of leipsic to fill the chair of egyptology.

  • Invested
  • I accepted the vote which invested you with the second rank in our order, less because i think you will render service to it here than that i desired you to possess that entire knowledge of its powers and secrets which might enable you to plant a branch or offshoot where none but you could carry it ...

  • Invert(Definition of invert)
  • To take the boiled pudding out of the cloth without breaking it, dip it into cold water for a minute or two, then place it in a round bottomed basin that will just hold it, untie the cloth and lay bare the pudding down to the edge of the basin; then place upon it, upside down, the dish on which it is to be served, and invert the whole so that the pudding may rest on the dish; lastly, lift off the basin and remove the cloth.

  • Unversed
  • Universes
  • The book ends with the mask of life turning back to gold, and hurdling through the bionicle galaxy, the space between the "universes.

  • Invest(Definition of invest)
  • Third, land is usually considered a safe investment, in which one may hold a perfect and undivided title to his property; and people will retain possession of a farm even when it pays a low rate of interest, rather than sell and invest the proceeds in some other enterprise which they cannot control as individuals or which may suddenly depreciate in earning power, fail or be utterly destroyed.

  • Unset(Definition of Unset)
  • He opened the ebony casket: the most beautiful ornaments, a diadem with brilliants, necklets and bracelets of the most magnificent pearls, and beside them unset precious stones, sapphires, and rubies shone in such radiance that giulia could not suppress a sudden cry of admiration.

  • Reinvest(Definition of Reinvest)
  • 1982: the calvert social investment fund (csif) was the first mutual fund to oppose apartheid, and then one of the first groups to reinvest in free south africa in 1994.

  • Universal(Definition of universal)
  • It is not mixed up with universal events.

  • Ingest(Definition of ingest)
  • Camels eating green herbage can ingest sufficient moisture in milder conditions to maintain their bodies hydrated state without the need for drinking.

  • Infest(Definition of infest)
  • It is remarkable that moths are never known to infest wool unwashed, or in its natural state, but always abandon the place where such raw material is kept.

  • Universality(Definition of universality)
  • The spiritual nature of man was assumed; the universality of religious feeling; the inherent tendency to worship, aspiration, prayer, being taken for granted as an element in the best minds; all churches and confessions of faith being looked upon as achievements of the soul; jesus being classed among the leaders of humanity; the bible being accepted as a record of spiritual and moral truth; and the church being regarded as an organization to diffuse belief.

240 words made from the letters univesty

3 letter words made from univesty:

sit, sue, ivy, use, sen, sin, tie, nsu, nit, suv, tiu, tun, ten, ney, uns, yen, uni, yes, vet, yue, syn, net, nut, yet, ies, set, ute, est, vie, sun, sty, tin, ent.

5 letter words made from univesty:

seyni, yunes, seiyu, yuste, nyets, ivens, suety, senti, useni, inuse, unies, tiens, untie, snivy, sutin, vints, vitse, viney, ustye, unite, vesty, suite, vytis, venti, neyts, vines, venit, stuey, venis, setin, tinus, tsine, sient, senvy, entsi, nevus, inset, stein, viseu, setun, tsien, sveti, venus, tines, yetis, suevi, usine, nevis, etsin, uvite, nutsy, netiv, iveys, units, tsuen, tisue, nuits, tueni, yusen, vinet, yusei, tsune, yesui, vesti, unity, seyit, vient, styne, viets, stivy, viens, tenis, nvest, viset, vetus, evins, entsy, vitus, tunes, etuis, seiun, nivet, tunis, tynes, nesty, vents, yites, visnu, tinue, steny, steyn, suyin, stuve, nuyts.

4 letter words made from univesty:

suet, nets, veni, nyte, nsui, tuve, stiv, ives, tsvi, neus, suen, nuys, tyus, yuet, ytis, etui, untv, tyes, ties, inst, tiny, teny, tuis, vest, iesu, yute, etsy, tsen, yetu, nuts, iten, stye, ynet, ueys, suin, usen, vinu, yeun, tive, itsy, vein, yune, yins, tuni, tuny, evit, vyse, nest, yeti, tuen, unti, unit, suit, envy, visy, unie, utne, nitv, vine, inus, nuit, sine, yuin, suiv, isny, nyet, tine, siev, neys, tues, siye, tsui, yens, vues, vien, sent, esty, venu, sein, tyne, vies, nyse, yien, visu, tune, nute, tieu, nyev, site, tyin, styn, iynu, enys, yeni, tiye, vusi, suey, nits, yuni, setu, snit, yust, syen, veut, snye, tuin, stun, veny, vent, nive, stuy, tevi, vise.