How to spell UNQUE correctly?

The correct spelling for "unque" could be "unique", which means one of a kind. Another possible suggestion could be "uncommon", meaning rare or not frequently found. Alternatively, "uncle", the term for a brother of one's parent, could also be a correct spelling option.

List of suggestions on how to spell unque correctly

  • endue May the heavens above endue you with virtue and grace.
  • ensue If they continue arguing, a fight will ensue.
  • manque John's French is good, but he still feels like there is something manque in his fluency.
  • uncle My favorite uncle is always up for a game of chess.
  • uncut The movie was so bad that we walked out before the uncut version even ended.
  • undue The teacher gave me undue criticism on my essay.
  • unique
  • unite We must unite to fight against discrimination and injustice.
  • unquiet The unquiet child kept interrupting the teacher during the lesson.
  • unquote I don't like that movie, it was boring, uneventful, and the acting was terrible, unquote.
  • untie I need to untie my shoelaces before I remove my shoes.

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