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How to spell UNSED correctly?

If you have typed "unsed" instead of "used", don't worry, we all make mistakes. Here are a few possible corrections you can consider: "used", "unused", "unwed" or "unfed". Double-check the intended meaning and context to select the most appropriate suggestion and correct the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell unsed correctly

  • Ensued After the power outage, chaos ensued as people rushed to find flashlights and candles.
  • inset
  • nosed The bloodhound nosed around the yard in search of the missing person.
  • nursed
  • onset The onset of winter makes me want to stay indoors.
  • un-sex
  • unasked She provided me with unsolicited and unasked for advice.
  • uncased The sausage was still uncooked and uncased.
  • unfed
  • unsaid There are many things left unsaid between them.
  • unsaved As a Christian, I wholeheartedly believe that spreading the gospel is essential so that the unsaved can be saved.
  • unseat In order to unseat the president, his opponents needed to win an electoral college vote.
  • unsent The message remained unsent as the sender second-guessed whether or not it was appropriate.
  • Unset
  • unsold The display cabinet was filled with unsold merchandise.
  • unused The unused books collected dust on the shelf.
  • unwed She was concerned about the societal stigma surrounding unwed mothers.
  • used I used my bike to get to work this morning.

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