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How to spell URCHEN correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelled "urchen" instead of the intended word, "urchin", fear not! Autocorrect can sometimes mess things up. To rectify this, type "urchin" correctly to refer to a mischievous or small child or perhaps use an alternative term like "kid" or "little one" instead.

List of suggestions on how to spell urchen correctly

  • aachen Aachen, a city in western Germany near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands, was once the favored residence of Charlemagne.
  • archean The Archean era marks the birth of the planet Earth, which came into being around 4.6 billion years ago.
  • arched
  • archer The archer stood at the ready, arrow poised to strike the target.
  • Arches I visited the stunning Arches National Park in Utah and was awe-struck by the natural beauty of the red rock formations.
  • Chen Chen is my friend from China.
  • lichen The rocks at the base of the tree were covered in lichen.
  • urchin As I walked along the beach, I saw a young boy who looked like a little urchin, covered in sand and holding a bucket of seashells.
  • urchins The children ran around the beach, collecting shells and chasing after small groups of urchins.

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