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How to spell URDER correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "urder" instead of "murder", fear not! Autocorrect often comes to the rescue by providing some possible correct suggestions. It may suggest "order", "udder" or even "murder" itself. Just select the appropriate option and avoid any confusion caused by this common typo.

List of suggestions on how to spell urder correctly

  • adder
  • ardor Despite the difficulties she faced, her ardor for her work never diminished.
  • eider The eider duck is native to the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Guarder Guarder is a very adorable dog who loves to play with his toys.
  • odder The more I thought about the situation, the odder it seemed to me.
  • oder
  • order I would like to place an order for a large pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.
  • orders
  • rider The rider on the horse looked confident and skilled.
  • rudder The captain turned the rudder to steer the ship in a new direction.
  • ruder
  • Ryder Ryder rode his bike to the park to meet up with his friends.
  • udder The farmer milked the cow by squeezing the udder.
  • under Under the tree, there are many Christmas presents.
  • urdu Do you know Urdu?
  • ureter
  • utter I was so frustrated that I couldn't even utter a single word.

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