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How to spell URDGE correctly?

"Urdge" is likely a misspelling of "urge". Correct suggestions for this word include "urge", "encourage", "prompt", "stimulate", and "motivate". These synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context and desired tone of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell urdge correctly

  • badge He proudly displayed his new police badge on his uniform.
  • Bodge I can't fix the electrical wiring behind the TV; it looks like they tried to fix it with a bodge job.
  • budge She didn't want to budge, but he was being so stubborn, she had no choice but to help him.
  • cadge I was going to give you a cadge for the taxi, but I don't have any change.
  • dodge I had to quickly dodge the basketball that was flying towards my head.
  • edge She stood at the edge of the cliff, peering down at the crashing waves below.
  • fudge I made some fudge for dessert.
  • hedge The farmer planted a hedge to separate his land from the neighboring property.
  • Hodge Hodge found himself lost in the maze of the city streets.
  • judge Judge Judy is a popular show.
  • ledge The cat was perched on the highest ledge, surveying its kingdom below.
  • lodge We decided to stay in a lodge for the night.
  • Madge I'm not mad at you, Madge.
  • midge The little Nugget is crawling all over the floor, looking for something to eat - must be those pesky Midge!
  • nudge I should give her a nudge to wake up.
  • purge I need to purge my closet of any wasteful clothes.
  • rage Her uncontrollable rage made her lash out at everyone around her.
  • ridge The hikers climbed to the top of the ridge to get a better view of the valley below.
  • sedge The sedge in the wetland area was so tall that it almost touched my waist.
  • surge The surge in gas prices is causing a lot of people to rethink their summer travel plans.
  • urdu
  • urge I have an urge to eat ice cream.
  • Urged I urged him to finish his homework so we could go outside and play.
  • urges She tried to ignore her urges to eat the entire pint of ice cream.
  • usage I'm not sure what the usage is for that word.
  • wedge

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