Correct spelling for URMBELLA

We think the word urmbella is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for urmbella

  • amble It checked his purpose, and, reflecting this, his pace fell to an amble.
  • ambler Ambler Appleyard listened in silence.
  • amelia "Look, mademoiselle, these are the flowers which you undertook to prepare for my hair," said Amelia, with well-assumed scorn, as she threw the bouquet into the garden which surrounded the castle of Monbijou; "look, mademoiselle."
  • dumbbell You consent to live in dumbbell tenements.
  • rumble By the deep rumble we could tell that Peyton was carryin' the big end of the conversation.
  • umbel The flowers are usually perfect (hermaphroditic) and actinomorphic but there may be zygomorphic petals at the edges of the umbel, as in carrot (Daucus carota).
  • umber =pausiaca=, Fr. P. 2-3 cm. soon plane, umber with olive tinge, often silky; g. adnate, olive; s. 4-6 cm. striate, coloured like p., apex powdery; sp. --.
  • umbra Flag: blue with a narrow red stripe along the top and the bottom edges; centered is a large white disk bearing the coat of arms; the coat of arms features a shield flanked by two workers with a mahogany tree at the top and the related motto SUB UMBRA FLOREO (I Flourish in the Shade) on a scroll at the bottom, all encircled by a green garland
  • umbrella And none of us had an umbrella!
  • Isabella Columbus was lodged in the house of Alonso de Quintanilla, Treasurer to the Crown of Castile, there to await an audience with Queen Isabella.
  • umbels Their flowers are in umbels, on a stalk from one to three feet high; corolla funnel shaped; petals recurved.
  • gumball The robot and its controllers were apprehended by Spider-Man, who mockingly referred to the Living Brain as "a talking gumball machine".

277 words made from the letters urmbella

4 letter words made from urmbella:

buea, albu, umea, beru, blur, barl, arul, elua, bael, uale, luma, rale, bleu, lame, reul, leur, luba, mler, buma, bear, breu, laub, brum, bura, blae, raue, blau, lual, rabu, ebur, mare, eral, mule, lear, rall, mlua, laul, mall, luar, mula, blum, ramu, auer, leum, uram, beau, urea, abel, muar, ream, ebru, rull, able, mbar, balm, beam, leul, maul, ruam, baur, lule, lube, aull, rube, reum, ruba, mreb, alum, baul, bell, maru, brem, umba, raum, blue, luer, beml, ruml, amur, bema, male, uleb, ullr, ball, alur, burl, baum, lamb, rabe, marl, leal, belu, raub, ruea, bale, elul, lalu, lamu, earl, arum, bual, bull, brul, reub, rule, meal, beur, lure, bare, bure, brue, abul, mull, rubl, barm, baue, real, merl.

3 letter words made from urmbella:

elm, all, emu, rub, rem, ale, bel, ram, ull, uma, bum, rum, bra, ler, reb, are, arm, alb, llm, ell, bur, llb, url, lam, ear, bmr, mar, leu, mal, lab, lem, arb, lea, bar, rue, mba, abm, amb, era.

5 letter words made from urmbella:

mulal, blaer, merab, abreu, alemu, ramle, belum, lambe, album, label, bream, labre, arbel, almer, belar, baler, auber, bulma, leuba, bluer, lable, ubell, belur, burla, blume, mbale, lemur, barle, llera, bellm, ballu, uller, ellum, belal, bralm, umble, brule, bellu, ruble, leral, auble, lerma, rumal, earll, lumba, blame, bulla, malul, lumea, marle, umber, burma, braem, ermua, bruel, melur, labem, rumba, lubra, muell, lemba, blear, berau, mbare, aurem, armel, mareb, muler, realm, mauer, maull, elmar, maerl, lebua, breau, malle, allum, umbel, lebar, rumbl, lulea, marbl, alber, amber, mural, rambl, umbar, ullam, bleam, bulle, blare, mulla, mallu, amble, baule, amell, belau, rubel, brull, ambel, beral, ermal, mbela, marlu, lamer, meall, laber, balme, embla, maler, umbra, melba, lerum, urabe, muela, rabel, blaum, lubar, belul, bumar.

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