Correct spelling for URNINATION

We think the word urnination is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for urnination

  • alienation Did I not warn you in the beginning that his alienation from this girl must be complete?
  • animation It was touching to see how her animation and interest revived when she began talking of Harry.
  • emanation For instance, there is no doubt that the rays and the emanation of radium exercise a power over the life of plants, a power similar to that caused by the passage of an electric current.
  • ignition It is not subject to spontaneous ignition, and for this reason is unlimited in the amount that may be stored in one pile.
  • inaction The craven Danvers at first excused his inaction by saying that he would not take up arms till Monmouth was proclaimed King, and when Monmouth had been proclaimed King, turned round and declared that good republicans were absolved from all engagements to a leader who had so shamefully broken faith.
  • initiation Initiation which leads to making use of spiritual forces, whether good or evil, is therefore capable of raising man to greater heights or of degrading him to lower depths than he could ever have reached by remaining on the purely physical plane.
  • insinuation "My Lord Rochester," said that nobleman's page, waving off the insinuation by a motion of his hand and a little displeased frown; "he picked her up adrift, and being composed of highly inflammable materials, took a hot and vehement fancy for her, which fact he did not discover until your friend, Mr. Ormiston, had carried her off."
  • intonation "I've known relatives to fight," commented the coroner, with dry intonation, and several in the audience laughed, for it was well known to them that the witness was at outs not only with his uncle, but with his father.
  • inundation In the middle of the very place which I dreaded so much, he suddenly stopped, and turned back to give me an account of this inundation; but instantly perceiving that I had no shadow, he broke off abruptly, and exclaimed, "How is this?
  • ionization -When the ionization of the gas is produced by external agents such as Rontgen rays or ultra-violet light, the electric field produces a current by setting the positive ions moving in one direction, and the negative ones in the opposite; it makes use of ions already made and does not itself give rise to ionization.
  • ordination He made the exercises of St. Ignatius as part of his preparation, and after his ordination it was a source of remark with how much devotion he said his first and all succeeding Masses.
  • unction The oil of unction poured upon his head was the palpable sign of priestly power transmitted from him to the priest, in which, again, he was an image of the future High Priest.
  • unionization
  • urination

323 words made from the letters urnination

3 letter words made from urnination:

oat, ton, tri, inn, ira, nit, tai, iou, rat, oar, nut, out, tao, art, rit, uro, run, rut, tia, tar, ant, uni, tin, tor, tiu, ron, rio, uta, tun, nan, urn, air, ani, nun, oui, anu, ain, ion, rot, tan, not, tau, rna.

4 letter words made from urnination:

nori, narn, onni, nrna, tuni, iiun, urna, tuor, inti, nito, unti, aoun, raio, irun, nuit, arno, orti, tuoi, iuno, toun, nunn, airt, tiao, aunt, nout, nato, nian, ruta, itno, tuin, arui, taou, tiro, ratu, noir, unit, naur, turn, anio, ruia, oran, riou, turo, noun, tour, naor, rani, utri, utor, auto, trna, torn, tarn, utan, iton, ruto, itoi, rano, rota, nona, rant, tion, runt, nuon, iino, ainu, anti, innu, raut, ruin, atun, norn, nonu, raun, riot, iori, nuta, oita, inoa, taon, tuno, auro, iran, unni, nuno, tian, nuna, taro, iuni, raiu, iron, iora, tuna, inui, rout, unio, ourn, runo, onur, noua, runa, iota, trio, tiri, roan, nano, nonn, rain, nina, uria.

5 letter words made from urnination:

ninon, torii, niani, nouri, trion, orant, ainun, tannu, nitra, anino, intro, unani, inano, norin, inari, otaru, nanri, annur, ntini, nonni, nonan, tanii, rauno, unnai, utian, anion, nauti, nario, runan, narni, ianto, anini, irani, niort, tonin, ninti, orani, turin, ratiu, tuina, tauri, nutri, urian, torna, urano, trian, annon, nintu, nauni, urino, utrio, torun, niari, intra, artin, niota, autor, naunt, tinio, ranni, tanno, rioni, aiton, inuit, notin, otani, nanur, aiuto, iouri, riant, nitro, ouran, aiuti, ratin, intar, tanni, rinat, intan, oiran, nirta, niton, irati, iunno, otira, oirat, unnao, nairi, iatro, raion, nutin, ninoa, rinna, ruini, nitai, atrio, tiano, uniti, rauti, turno, nanno, ionut, uniat, tonna, urton, inonu, ainur, tanui, naito, nutro, ritan, ituri, artio, nuria, ariot, inori, nonia, trani, inion, irion, union, untar, narin, naron, aitor, utina, nunno, nanto, untii, onair, ionia, ianni, tauon, ation, turon, traun, nunan, inrun, nutan, ruano, atoni, tanur, ranon, innit, turai, ninna, uinta, runon, rinoa, natin, truan, otari, tanon, tauno, noria, rinta, untin, unian, runin, turia, ninan, naini, rotan, autin, riano, ratio, rutan, ruina, train, tiran, natio.

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