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How to spell USAVED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "usaved" instead of the correct spelling, here are a few possible suggestions that you might be looking for: "unsaved", "useful", "upgraded" or "upset". Double-check your intended word to ensure accurate communication. Mistakes happen, but it's always great to get the spelling right!

List of suggestions on how to spell usaved correctly

  • Salved The doctor salved the patient's wounds with antiseptic cream.
  • save I want to save money for a vacation next year.
  • saved She was saved from a fire that engulfed her building.
  • saver
  • shaved He shaved his beard off last night.
  • Slaved For years he had slaved away in the factory, hoping to one day earn a promotion.
  • Staved The blacksmith staved off the attack of the enemy with his sharp sword.
  • unsaved Without a proper backup, your photos and videos are at risk of becoming unsaved.
  • used I used to play video games all day, but now I have other responsibilities.

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