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How to spell USHED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "ushed", there are a few possible corrections to consider. The correct word may be "rushed", if someone is hurrying or moving quickly. Another option could be "hushed", which means to lower one's voice or make something quiet.

List of suggestions on how to spell ushed correctly

  • Ached
  • ashe
  • Bashed The bullies bashed him up so badly that he had to be hospitalized.
  • bushed After hiking for hours, I was completely bushed and had to take a break.
  • cashed The check has been cashed.
  • dashed He dashed across the finish line, breaking the record.
  • dished She dished out the spaghetti onto each plate.
  • Fished I fished for hours but didn't catch anything.
  • gashed The sharp rock gashed my leg when I stumbled into it.
  • Gushed
  • Hashed The password was hashed using a strong encryption algorithm.
  • hushed The library was so quiet that the only sound was the hushed whispers of students studying.
  • Lashed The sailor lashed the ropes tightly to keep the mast from falling during the storm.
  • Mashed
  • meshed The gears meshed seamlessly, allowing the machine to function smoothly.
  • Mushed The potatoes were overcooked and turned to mush, they were completely mushed.
  • Pushed I pushed the door open and stepped inside the dark room.
  • Quashed
  • ruched
  • rushed I rushed to the store to get some groceries, but I ended up forgetting my wallet.
  • shad The fish were shoeless and shad-dressed.
  • she'd If she'd only been more careful, the loss would not have happened.
  • shed I need to put my coat away in the shed.
  • Shied She shied away from the idea of skydiving.
  • shod The horse was shod with brand new horseshoes.
  • shushed I was so tempted to tell her off, but I shushed myself and apologized.
  • unshod The horse was unshod, revealing the sensitive flesh underneath its hooves.
  • used I bought a used car because it was more affordable than a new one.
  • usher The usher carrying the flowers smiled at the couple.
  • Ushered The new boss was ushered in by his predecessor.
  • ushers The ushers are responsible for leading the attendees in and out of the theater.
  • washed I washed my hands before handling the sick.
  • Wished I wished I had brought my blanket.

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