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How to spell USLAY correctly?

If you meant to type "uslay" but ended up with a misspelling, fear not! The correct term you might be referring to is "sulay". This word can be an alternative spelling for "soulay", a term that refers to a traditional Moroccan rug.

List of suggestions on how to spell uslay correctly

  • allay The doctor prescribed medication to allay my anxiety.
  • assay The lab technician performed an assay on the blood sample to determine the patient's cholesterol levels.
  • essay I need to finish writing my essay before midnight.
  • inlay The tabletops are adorned with beautiful inlay designs made from various types of wood.
  • islam
  • mislay I always seem to mislay my keys.
  • outlay Our outlay for the new office was higher than anticipated due to unexpected construction costs.
  • slaw Tom made a salad for dinner, but he left the slaw out.
  • slay The knight vowed to slay the dragon and rescue the princess from its evil clutches.
  • sly You are being sly when you try to deceive me.
  • UCLA The UCLA Bruins are a nationally renowned sports team.
  • ugly I think your ugly mug is going to stick out like a sore thumb at our cocktail party.
  • USAF
  • USDA The USDA is an agency within the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • usual I arrived at the office at my usual time.
  • usury The practice of usury, or charging excessive interest on loans, was widely condemned by religious leaders throughout history.

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