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How to spell USSED correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "ussed" instead of "used", fret not! Here are a few correct alternatives: utilize, employ, apply, operate, wield. These terms convey the intended meaning of making use of something. So, next time, when you want to use a different synonym, remember these options for accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell ussed correctly

  • Asked The teacher asked us to raise our hands.
  • Assad
  • asset Real estate can be a valuable asset for any investor.
  • Bossed She bossed him around all day at work.
  • Busied She busied herself with cleaning the kitchen while waiting for the guests to arrive.
  • cursed Legend has it that the forest is cursed, and those who enter do not return.
  • cussed
  • eased The gentle breeze eased the sweltering heat of the day.
  • fused The two metals were fused together to create a stronger alloy.
  • Fussed My mom fussed over my outfit before my big interview.
  • Gassed The soldiers were gassed during the battle, and many of them had to be treated for respiratory issues.
  • Guessed Dave guessed the weight of the cake to be too much for Deb.
  • gusset This shirt has a gusset to give it more shape.
  • gussied She gussied herself up for the party in a sparkling gown and fancy jewelry.
  • Hissed The cat hissed and arched its back when the dog approached.
  • Issued The government issued a statement warning the public about the impending storm.
  • Kissed He kissed her forehead before leaving for work.
  • massed The protesters massed in the streets, demanding justice.
  • Messed I'm really sorry that I messed up your hair.
  • missed
  • moussed I moussed my hair before leaving for work.
  • Mused I was mused by how beautiful the sunset was.
  • Mussed Her hair was mussed up from the fall, but she still looked beautiful.
  • nursed Beth nursed her sick babies tirelessly.
  • Ousted She was ousted from her job after she was caught stealing from the company.
  • Passed I passed my final exams with flying colors.
  • Pursed
  • russet The russet leaves of autumn painted the trees in shades of orange and brown.
  • sassed I was feeling sassed after the way he talked to me at the party.
  • seed The farmer planted the seed in the soil and hoped for a bountiful harvest.
  • Sued
  • Tossed
  • Unset
  • unused The unused room has been pleasant to stay in.
  • upset
  • use I use my phone as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.
  • used I don't think you've ever used a vacuum cleaner.
  • user I am a regular user of Facebook.
  • uses
  • USS USS stands for United States Ship.
  • ussr

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