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How to spell VALITY correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "vality", one plausible suggestion could be "validity". The correct spelling captures the essence of the word, referring to something being logically or factually sound. By using spell check or double-checking the dictionary, one can swiftly rectify the error and ensure clarity in their writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell vality correctly

  • duality The duality of good and evil is often explored in literature and philosophy.
  • halite Halite is another name for rock salt.
  • laity The laity participated in the church service by singing hymns and offering prayers.
  • Malty I detect a malty flavor in this beer.
  • polity The polity of the ancient Greeks was characterized by a democratic system of government.
  • quality
  • reality The reality is that we cannot control everything in our lives.
  • salty I love adding a pinch of salty sea salt to my caramel popcorn.
  • vacuity The vacuity of the empty house was only made worse by the complete silence.
  • Valery Ivan wrote a book about the famous scientist Valery.
  • valet I left my keys with the valet when I arrived at the hotel.
  • valets The valets were ready to take my car away.
  • valid The driver's license was still valid even though it had expired last month.
  • validity The validity of the experiment was questioned since it had not been replicated by other researchers.
  • validly The contract was not validly executed, and therefore was not legally binding.
  • valise I packed all of my belongings into a small valise for my weekend trip.
  • valium She takes Valium to help alleviate her anxiety.
  • valley A valley is a long, narrow depression in the ground.
  • vanity Until this evening, I had no idea what vanity meant.
  • variety
  • varsity I was proud to be a member of the varsity soccer team in high school.
  • venality The government's venality was revealed through their acceptance of bribes from various corporations.
  • verity The scientist's findings were in verity, as they were backed by rigorous research and experimentation.
  • vilify It is unfair to vilify an entire group of people based on the actions of a few individuals.
  • vitality She exercises regularly to maintain her vitality and energy levels.

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