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How to spell VALLET correctly?

If you meant "vallet" as in "valet", some possible correct suggestions are "valet", "valeted", "valeting" or "valets". If you meant something else, please give more context so I can suggest appropriate corrections.

List of suggestions on how to spell vallet correctly

  • ballet I am taking ballet lessons to improve my posture and flexibility.
  • mallet He used a mallet to pound the stakes into the ground.
  • pallet The workers loaded the heavy boxes onto the pallet and secured them with strong straps.
  • valet The hotel valet parked my car for me.
  • valletta
  • valley
  • valued I have always valued my family's opinions.
  • varlet The nobleman was disgusted when he discovered his trusted servant was nothing more than a deceitful varlet.
  • vault The bank vault holds millions of dollars in cash and important documents.
  • violet The fields were blanketed in a sea of violet crocuses.
  • walled
  • wallet I always keep my wallet in my front pocket to make sure it doesn't get stolen.

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