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How to spell VALLETY correctly?

If you meant to spell "valley", try again. Common misspellings include "vallety", "valety", and "vally". Other possible suggestions might include "vale", "valet" or even "volley". Double-check your spelling and try using a dictionary or spell-check tool to correct any errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell vallety correctly

  • ballet I am going to the ballet performance tonight.
  • mallet
  • pallet The workers loaded the boxes onto the pallet for transport.
  • Valery Valery is a Russian scientist who has contributed much to the field of space research.
  • valet I will ask the valet to park my car.
  • valets The guests were greeted by valets who promptly took their car keys and parked their vehicles.
  • valletta I visited Valletta.
  • valley After descending the hill we entered a valley.
  • Valleys The Grand Canyon is famous for its steep valleys and magnificent views.
  • varlet Each noble was armed with sword, lance, and varlet.
  • varlets This inn is quite popular with the varlets, who come here for the cheap liquor.
  • velvety The velvety texture of the cake made it melt in my mouth.
  • volley She threw a volley of insults his way.
  • wallet
  • wallets I always carry my wallets in my pockets.

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