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How to spell VALLY correctly?

If you're trying to type "vally" but it's causing red squiggly lines, fear not! The correct spelling is "valley". Sometimes our fingers tend to slip, and autocorrect can be a bit finicky. So next time you want to describe a beautiful, lush valley, make sure to double-check your spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell vally correctly

  • all
  • allay The doctor's reassurance helped to allay my fears about the surgery.
  • alley I walked through the dark alley to get home faster, but suddenly regretted my decision.
  • alloy This metal is an alloy of copper and zinc.
  • ally
  • bally
  • dally He liked to dally at the park and watch the children playing.
  • pally I don't feel comfortable getting too pally with my co-workers.
  • rally The rally brought all of the participants together to discuss and come up with a solution to the issue.
  • sally The party was cancelled because Sally had the stomach flu.
  • tally The tally marks on the wall counted down to the end of the race.
  • vainly She tried vainly to convince him to change his mind.
  • Val Val enjoyed hiking in the mountains during her summer vacation.
  • vale I vale for your patience.
  • Valery Valery is a popular French name for boys and girls.
  • valle
  • valley The valley was filled with dense fog, making it difficult to see more than a few feet in front of me.
  • Valleys The valleys in the mountains were filled with mist every morning.
  • valor With valor, he fought his way out of the dangerous situation.
  • value The value of a dollar is based on its worth in silver or store credit.
  • venally Venally is a term meaning "along the vein.
  • viably After analyzing the financials of the proposed project, we determined that it was not viably sustainable in the long run.
  • vilely He had been speaking vilely about her behind her back.
  • villa The wealthy couple spend their summers in their luxurious villa on the coast of France.
  • Villi The villi on the inside of the cabbage are diagnostic for the disease.
  • vitally We're vitally important to the company.
  • vocally I will start vocally protesting.
  • volley The tennis players started their match with a powerful volley.
  • wall He pushed his way through the wall of people.
  • wally She always looks happy when she's with Wally.
  • Willy I never knew his real name, but everyone called him Willy.

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